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Éric Barbier

Éric Barbier

French film director and screenwriter
June 29, 1960 (63 years old)

Princes of the Desert

V.O.: Zodi et Téhu, frères du désert
Fr. 2023. Adventures by Éric Barbier with Alexandra Lamy, Yassir Drief, Youssef Hajdi. A nomad of 12 takes in a camel in the desert, which turns out to be a formidable runner capable of enriching his tribe.
Runtime: 105 min.
Fr. 2020. Drama by Éric Barbier with Djibril Vancoppenolle, Jean-Paul Rouve, Isabelle Kabano. In 1993 and 1994 in Burundi, the young son of a French entrepreneur and a woman of Rwandan origin witness fratricidal fighting between the Tutsi and Hutu ethnic groups.
Runtime: 112 min.

Not On My watch

V.O.: Pris de court
Fr. 2017. Drama by Emmanuelle Cuau with Virginie Efira, Renan Prévot, Gilbert Melki. While her eldest son gets roped into petty crime by a high school classmate, a widowed jeweller is denied a promised job at the last minute.
Runtime: 85 min.

Promise at Dawn

V.O.: La Promesse de l'aube
Fr. 2017. Biography by Éric Barbier with Pierre Niney, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Pawel Puchalski. From the 1920s to the end of the war, the experiences of the future writer Romain Gary, whose life was marked by his relationship with his intrusive mother, who had high hopes for his future.
Runtime: 130 min.
Fr. 2014. Thriller by Éric Barbier with Yvan Attal, Bérénice Bejo, Jean-François Stévenin. While planning the theft of a rare diamond, a burglar falls in love with the expert in charge of it.
Runtime: 108 min.
Fr. 2006. Thriller by Éric Barbier with Yvan Attal, Clovis Cornillac, Pierre Richard. A photographer in the midst of a divorce becomes the target of a mysterious revenge plot by a former classmate.
Runtime: 119 min.
Runtime: 83 min.
Fr. 1990. Social drama by Éric Barbier with Maruschka Detmers, Jean-Marc Barr, Tolsty. In 1931, in a mining town, a Polish immigrant falls in love with a young French woman.
Runtime: 120 min.

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