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Adam DeVine

Adam DeVine

American actor, comedian and writer
November 7, 1983 (39 years old)
in streaming starting July 07 2023
U.S. 2023. Comedy by Tyler Spindel with Adam DeVine, Nina Dobrev, Michael Rooker. A bank manager realizes that the perpetrators of a robbery are under the orders of his future in-laws.
Runtime: 95 min.
U.S. 2019. Sentimental comedy by Todd Strauss-Schulson with Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, Liam Hemsworth. After a head injury, a Manhattan architect, scorned and disillusioned single woman, wakes up as the pampered heroine of a cheesy rom-com.
Runtime: 88 min.
U.S. 2019. Comedy by Jon Lucas, Scott Moore with Adam DeVine, Alexandra Shipp, Michael Pena. A socially dysfunctional smartphone addict acquires an advanced new model that improves his quality of life.
Runtime: 85 min.
U.S. 2016. Comedy by Jake Szymanski with Zac Efron, Adam DeVine, Anna Kendrick. Two immature brothers are forced by their parents to find respectable young girls to accompany them to their sister
Runtime: 98 min.
U.S. 2015. Musical by Elizabeth Banks with Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld. Humiliated during a performance in front of President Obama, a three-time national champion choir tries to restore its reputation by participating in a world competition in Copenhagen.
Runtime: 115 min.
U.S. 2015. Comedy by Nancy Meyers with Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Rene Russo. Tired of retirement, a 70-year-old widower becomes an intern for a fashion website run by a 30-year-old woman.
Runtime: 121 min.
U.S. 2014. Sports comedy by Jay Karas with Jeremy Sisto, Amy Smart, J.K. Simmons. Two estranged brothers reunite to make an improbable run at a grand slam tennis tournament.
Runtime: 90 min.
U.S. 2014. Horror comedy by Todd Strauss-Schulson with Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Adam DeVine. A teenage girl is magically transported with her friends to a 1980s horror movie starring her mother, who has been dead for the past three years.
Runtime: 92 min.

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