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Akiva Schaffer

Akiva Schaffer

American comedy writer, actor and film director
December 1, 1977 (44 years old)
U.S. 2022. Animation from Akiva Schaffer with Anthony Molinari. To find a mysteriously missing companion, Chip and Dale must repair their broken friendship and reconnect with their characters as risk-taking detective Rangers.
Runtime: 96 min.
U.S. 2016. Satire from Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone with Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, Andy Samberg. An egocentric and stupid pop-rap singer jeopardizes the success of his second solo album by making a series of blunders on tour.
Runtime: 87 min.
U.S. 2012. Comedy from Akiva Schaffer with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill. After a security guard is murdered by a mysterious entity, four suburbanites form a night watch squad.
Runtime: 102 min.
U.S. 2007. Comedy from Akiva Schaffer with Andy Samberg, Ian McShane, Isla Fisher. In order to win his father-in-law's esteem, a compulsive young man plans a spectacular stunt.
Runtime: 88 min.

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