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Brent Hodge

Brent Hodge

Canadian film maker
July 9, 1985 (38 years old)
U.S. 2023. Documentary by Brent Hodge. In March 2020, while vacationing in Costa Rica, two lovers who barely know each other find themselves confined due to the COVID-19 shut-down.
Runtime: 75 min.
Can. 2021. Documentary by Brent Hodge, Chris Kelly.
Runtime: 69 min.
Can. 2019. Documentary by Brent Hodge. The story behind the 1998 hit song "Who Let the Dogs Out," by the Bahamian group Baha Men.
Runtime: 70 min.
U.S. 2015. Documentary by Brent Hodge, Derik Murray. Profile of American comedian Chris Farley, who died of an overdose at the age of thity-three, from the testimonies of his former colleagues and family members.
Runtime: 96 min.

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