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Camille Felton

Camille Felton

October 21, 1999 (23 years old)

Billie Blue

V.O.: Coeur de Slush
Can. 2023. Sentimental comedy by Mariloup Wolfe with Liliane Skelly, Joseph Delorey, Camille Felton. A tall, slender teenage water park lifeguard falls in love with a young cycling prodigy who is also coveted by her older sister.
Runtime: 115 min.
Can. 2019. Sentimental drama by Xavier Dolan with Xavier Dolan, Gabriel D'Almeida Freitas, Anne Dorval. After giving his childhood friend a loving kiss for a student film, a heterosexual lawyer experiences deep emotional turmoil.
Runtime: 120 min.

Noémie - The Secret

V.O.: Noémie - Le Secret
Can. 2008. Dramatic comedy by Frédérik D'Amours with Camille Felton, Rita Lafontaine, Nicolas Laliberté. A little girl with a vivid imagination sets out to find a treasure, which was hidden in her babysitter's apartment by her late husband.
Runtime: 105 min.

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