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Chung Mong-hong

Chung Mong-hong

Taiwanese film director, screenwriter and cinematographer
January 1, 1964 (59 years old)

The Falls

V.O.: Pubu
Taïw. 2021. Drama by Chung Mong-hong with Alyssa Chia, Gingle Wang, Lee Lee-zen.
Runtime: 129 min.


V.O.: Shi hun
Taïw. 2013. Thriller by Chung Mong-hong with Jimmy Wong.
Runtime: 111 min.
Taïw. 2010. by Chung Mong-hong.


V.O.: Ting che
Taïw. 2008. Dramatic comedy by Chung Mong-hong with Chang Chen, Gwei Lun-mei, Leon Dai. His car being blocked in by a double-parked car, a young man who is late for a romantic dinner has many unusual encounters.
Runtime: 118 min.
Taïw. 2007. Documentary by Chung Mong-hong.

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