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Geneviève Bujold

Geneviève Bujold

Canadian actress
July 1, 1942 (81 years old)
Can. 2015. Drama by François Delisle with Fanny Mallette, Sébastien Ricard, Geneviève Bujold. The difficult reunion of a man and a woman following the discovery of their child
Runtime: 97 min.
U.S. 2015. Drama by Jay Craven with Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, Bruce Dern, Geneviève Bujold. To his great despair, a boy is forced by his father to go and live on his grandparents
Can. 2012. Drama by Michael McGowan with James Cromwell, Geneviève Bujold, Rick Roberts. While building a house on his property adapted to the needs of his wife, who has Alzheimer's disease, a farmer in his eighties goes up against a fussy civil servant.
Runtime: 103 min.

For the Love of God

V.O.: Pour l'amour de Dieu
Can. 2011. Sentimental drama by Micheline Lanctôt with Madeleine Péloquin, Victor Andrés Trelles Turgeon, Ariane Legault. In the late 1950s, a teenage girl discovers that a nun and a young priest are in love with each other.
Runtime: 92 min.
Can. 2009. Comedy by Jacob Tierney with Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire, Michael Murphy. A bright-eyed teenager who believes himself to be the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky tries to found a student union in the public high school to which his father has decided to send him.
Runtime: 113 min.

Forgive Me

V.O.: Délivrez-moi
Can. 2006. Psychological drama by Denis Chouinard with Céline Bonnier, Geneviève Bujold, Juliette Gosselin. After her release from prison, a working-class woman faces hostility from her mother-in-law who is fighting for custody of her teenage daughter.
Runtime: 96 min.
U.S. 2006. Drama by Jay Craven with Kris Kristofferson, Charlie McDermott, Gary Farmer. During the Great Depression, a Quebec farmer and his son are chased by a smuggler from whom they have stolen a shipment of whisky they
Runtime: 118 min.

By the Pricking of my Thumbs

V.O.: Mon petit doigt m'a dit...
Fr. 2005. Police comedy by Pascal Thomas with Catherine Frot, André Dussollier, Geneviève Bujold. A thrill-seeking chatelaine investigates a disappearance and a series of poisonings in a wealthy retirement home.
Runtime: 105 min.
G.-B. 2003. Thriller by Alberto Sciamma with James Caan, Geneviève Bujold, Maribel Verdu. The socially anxious janitor of a building full of eccentrics is suspected of the murder of one of his tenants.
Runtime: 98 min.

Chaos and Desire

V.O.: La Turbulence des fluides
Can. 2002. Drama by Manon Briand with Pascale Bussières, Jean-Nicolas Verreault, Julie Gayet. A young seismologist called to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the Baie-Comeau tide falls in love with a water bomber pilot.
Runtime: 115 min.
G.-B. 1999. Crime drama by Stephan Elliott with Ewan McGregor, Ashley Judd, Patrick Bergin. A young detective specialized in surveillance technology begins to follow and spy on a murderous femme fatale who fascinates him.
Runtime: 110 min.


V.O.: Dead Innocent

My Friend Max

V.O.: Mon amie Max
Can. 1993. Psychological drama by Michel Brault with Geneviève Bujold, Marthe Keller, Johanne McKay. A pianist strives to find the son she was forced to abandon at birth twenty-five years ago.
Runtime: 107 min.

Dans la peau d'un mort

V.O.: False Identity
U.S. 1990. Crime drama by James Keach with Geneviève Bujold, Stacy Keach, Tobin Bell. A radio host decides to shed light on the alleged murder of a young officer that took place seventeen years earlier.
Fr. 1990. Dramatic comedy by Gabriel Aghion with Geneviève Bujold, Frédéric Constant, Vincent Vallier. With the help of a cousin, an apprentice writer writes a book and has it published by a publisher with whom he is in love.
Runtime: 95 min.

The Paper Wedding

V.O.: Les Noces de papier
Can. 1989. Mores drama by Michel Brault with Geneviève Bujold, Manuel Aranguiz, Gilbert Sicotte. A teacher agrees to marry a Chilean refugee to save him from deportation.
Runtime: 87 min.
U.S. 1988. Mores drama by Alan Rudolph with Keith Carradine, Linda Fiorentino, John Lone. In 1920s Paris, an American artist tries to win back his ex-wife who is now married to a violent collector.
Runtime: 121 min.
Can. 1988. Psychological drama by David Cronenberg with Jeremy Irons, Geneviève Bujold, Heidi von Palleske. Twin gynecologists who share all their experiences see their reputations jeopardized the day one of them falls in love with an actress.
Runtime: 113 min.
U.S. 1985. Crime drama by Alan Rudolph with Kris Kristofferson, Lori Singer, Geneviève Bujold.
Runtime: 111 min.
U.S. 1984. Crime drama by Richard Tuggle with Clint Eastwood, Geneviève Bujold, Alison Eastwood. A detective investigating a series of murders, in which the victims are women, discovers a perverse affinity with the killer.
Runtime: 114 min.
U.S. 1984. Psychological drama by Alan Rudolph with Geneviève Bujold, Lesley Ann Warren, Keith Carradine. A man with a dark past upsets the lives of some women.
Runtime: 106 min.
U.S. 1982. Drama by Frank Perry with Christopher Reeve, Fernando Rey, Geneviève Bujold. The dubious undertakings of an American priest involved in the financial administration of the Vatican.
Runtime: 122 min.
U.S. 1981. Drama by Peter Medak with Geneviève Bujold, Chad Everett, Anthony Andrews. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the new wife of a Louisiana plantation owner discovers strange situations.
Runtime: 98 min.
Runtime: 98 min.
U.S. 1978. Crime drama by Michael Crichton with Geneviève Bujold, Michael Douglas, Richard Widmark. When her friend falls into a coma after a minor operation, a surgeon begins a personal investigation.
Runtime: 113 min.

Another Man, Another Chance

V.O.: Un Autre Homme, une autre chance
Fr. 1977. Western by Claude Lelouch with Geneviève Bujold, James Caan, Francis Huster. A French woman who emigrates to the American West becomes a widow and meets a veterinarian, also a widower.
Runtime: 135 min.
U.S. 1976. Adventures by James Goldstone with Robert Shaw, Geneviève Bujold, Peter Boyle. In Jamaica, the daughter of an imprisoned magistrate calls upon a pirate to free her father.
Runtime: 101 min.
U.S. 1976. Sentimental comedy by John Korty with Jack Lemmon, Geneviève Bujold, James Woods. The misadventures of a man who agrees to watch over a former mistress accused of attempted murder.
Runtime: 99 min.
U.S. 1975. Thriller by Brian De Palma with Cliff Robertson, Geneviève Bujold, John Lithgow. A businessman falls in love with a young Italian woman who looks like his wife who died during a kidnapping.
Runtime: 98 min.
Fr. 1975. Comedy by Philippe de Broca with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Geneviève Bujold, Julien Guiomar. After his release from prison, a con man is placed under the supervision of a social worker.
Runtime: 99 min.
U.S. 1974. Disaster movie by Mark Robson with Charlton Heston, George Kennedy, Geneviève Bujold. A major earthquake in Los Angeles forces an engineer to choose between his wife and his mistress.
Runtime: 122 min.
Can. 1973. Sentimental drama by Claude Jutra with Geneviève Bujold, Richard Jordan, Philippe Léotard. Unhappy with her husband, the Lord of Kamouraska, a young woman urges an American doctor to kill him.
Runtime: 123 min.
Can. 1972. Poetic drama by Paul Almond with Geneviève Bujold, John Vernon, George Sperdakos. A mysterious young woman is taken in by people living in a community in the wilderness.
Runtime: 88 min.

César et Cléôpatre

V.O.: Caesar and Cleopatra
G.-B. 1972. History by James Cellan Jones with Alec Guinness, Geneviève Bujold, Margaret Courtenay. The young queen of Egypt obtains the help of Caesar to secure her power.
G.-B. 1971. Drama by Michael Cacoyannis with Katharine Hepburn, Geneviève Bujold, Vanessa Redgrave. After the fall of Troy, the women of the vanquished wait for their fate to be decided.
Runtime: 105 min.
Can. 1970. Psychological drama by Paul Almond with Geneviève Bujold, Donald Sutherland, Monique Leyrac. A young Protestant woman, haunted by mystical ideas, falls in love with a Catholic priest.
Runtime: 103 min.
G.-B. 1969. History by Charles Jarrott with Richard Burton, Geneviève Bujold, Anthony Quayle. King Henry VIII of England's love for Anne Boleyn leads him to break with the Roman Church.
Runtime: 143 min.
Can. 1968. Psychological drama by Paul Almond with Geneviève Bujold, Marc Strange, Gerard Parkes. When her mother dies, a young girl returns to the family farm to care for her uncle.
Runtime: 108 min.

The Thief of Paris

V.O.: Le Voleur
Fr. 1967. Dramatic comedy by Louis Malle with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Geneviève Bujold, Marie Dubois. In 1890, a young middle-class man becomes a thief to take revenge on an uncle who robbed him of his inheritance.
Runtime: 120 min.

Between the Sea and the Sweet Water

V.O.: Entre la mer et l'eau douce
Can. 1967. Sentimental drama by Michel Brault with Claude Gauthier, Geneviève Bujold, Paul Gauthier. A young country boy comes to work in Montreal and discovers his passion for singing.
Runtime: 83 min.
Fr. 1966. Fantasy comedy by Philippe de Broca with Alan Bates, Jean-Claude Brialy, Geneviève Bujold. During the First World War, a Scottish soldier arrives in a small town in France where only the residents of an insane asylum remain.
Runtime: 100 min.

The War Is Over

V.O.: La Guerre est finie
Fr. 1966. Psychological drama by Alain Resnais with Yves Montand, Ingrid Thulin, Geneviève Bujold. A Spanish revolutionary agent living in France is disillusioned with the struggle he is leading.
Runtime: 121 min.
Can. 1964. Psychological drama by Jean-Paul Bernier with Patrick Staram, Geneviève Bujold, Pauline Julien.
Runtime: 72 min.
Can. 1964. Sketches by Hiroshi Teshigahara, Jean Rouch, Michel Brault, Gian Vittorio Baldi with Geneviève Bujold, Véronique Duval, Micaela Esdra. The problems of teenagers from various countries.
Can. 1962. Comedy by René Bonnière with Jacques Labrecque, Geneviève Bujold, Huguette Oligny. A suburbanite neglects his family to devote himself entirely to his beautiful lawn, which he discovers one day has been invaded by unsightly fungi.
Runtime: 80 min.

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