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Guy Provost

Guy Provost

French Canadian actor
May 19, 1925 (February 10, 2004)
Fr. 1985. Police comedy by Alexandre Arcady with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Guy Marchand, Kim Cattrall. An ingenious bank robbery is committed in Montreal, but obstacles make it difficult for the criminals to escape to the airport.
Runtime: 112 min.


V.O.: Les Ordres
Can. 1974. Social drama by Michel Brault with Jean Lapointe, Hélène Loiselle, Guy Provost. Portrayal of the fate of five people who were victims of the War Measures Act
Runtime: 112 min.
Can. 1974. Comedy by Roger Fournier with Dominique Michel, Guy Provost, Rose Ouellette. A fur trader’s widow gets sucked into a variety of complications.
Runtime: 92 min.
Can. 1950. Dramatic comedy by Paul Gury Le Gouriadec with Hector Charland, Guy Provost, Suzanne Avon. A miser, who presses the colonizers of the Laurentians, experiences a series of setbacks.
Runtime: 100 min.

A Smile in the Storn

V.O.: Un Sourire dans la tempête
Fr. 1950. Drama by René Chanas with Jean-Pierre Kerien, Richard Ney, Michèle Martin. Stranded in the Great North, a French couple and two Canadians try to return south, but are immobilized by a snowstorm.
Runtime: 95 min.

A Man and his Sin

V.O.: Un Homme et son péché
Can. 1949. Mores drama by Paul Gury Le Gouriadec with Hector Charland, Nicole Germain, Guy Provost. A usurer manages to take over the land of a young pioneer.
Runtime: 108 min.

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