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Ivan Grbovic

Ivan Grbovic

Drunken Birds

V.O.: Les Oiseaux ivres
Can. 2021. Drama by Ivan Grbovic with Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Hélène Florent, Claude Legault. The getaway driver of a Mexican drug lord gets hired as a worker on a farm in the Montérégie region, owned by a family in turmoil.
Runtime: 105 min.

Romeo Eleven

V.O.: Roméo onze
Can. 2011. Drama by Ivan Grbovic with Ali Ammar, Joseph Bou Nassar, Sanda Bourenane. Suffering from a muscular atrophy that causes him to limp, the son of Lebanese immigrants hesitates to meet the beautiful young woman who has been seduced by his avatar on the internet.
Runtime: 89 min.

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