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Jean-Carl Boucher

Jean-Carl Boucher

Canadian actor
February 19, 1994 (29 years old)

The Guide to the Perfect Family

V.O.: Le Guide de la famille parfaite
Can. 2020. Dramatic comedy by Ricardo Trogi with Louis Morissette, Émilie Bierre, Catherine Chabot. An insurance representative, out of touch with the new social trends, realizes that his family is going through an existential crisis.
Runtime: 101 min.
Can. 2020. Chronicle by Jean-Carl Boucher with Pier-Luc Funk, Antoine Desrochers, Simon Pigeon. The sentimental and professional experiences of five childhood friends with different personalities.
Runtime: 92 min.
Can. 2018. Comedy by Ricardo Trogi with Jean-Carl Boucher, Juliette Gosselin, Alexandre Nachi. A screenwriting student from Quebec, who has left for Italy to join the woman he considers the love of his life, sees his project compromised by misadventures and a misunderstanding.
Runtime: 101 min.
Can. 2018. Dramatic comedy by Guillaume Lambert with Guillaume Lambert, Valérie Cadieux, Sarianne Cormier. Unable to finish his first film, a 30-year-old Montrealer decides to take a modest job as a scriptwriter for a funny video show.
Runtime: 80 min.
Fr. 2016. Sentimental drama by Radu Mihaileanu with Gemma Arterton, Sophie Nélisse, Derek Jacobi. A mysterious book serves as a link between an old man searching for his son and a daughter looking for a cure for her mother
Can. 2013. Comedy by Ricardo Trogi with Jean-Carl Boucher, Claudio Colangelo, Sandrine Bisson. The summer before he enters college, a teenager sets out to raise the money needed to open a nightclub for minors like himself.
Runtime: 105 min.
Can. 2009. Comedy by Ricardo Trogi with Jean-Carl Boucher, Sandrine Bisson, Claudio Colangelo. In 1981, an 11-year-old boy lies to his new classmates to hide the fact that his parents can't afford to buy him anything he wants.
Runtime: 102 min.

A No-Hit No-Run Summer

V.O.: Un Été sans point ni coup sûr
Can. 2008. Chronicle by Francis Leclerc with Patrice Robitaille, Pier-Luc Funk, Jacinthe Laguë. In the summer of 1969, the father of a young baseball enthusiast forms a team with the children rejected by the parish coach.
Runtime: 104 min.

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