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Katherine Jerkovic

Katherine Jerkovic

in theaters starting March 31th 2023 (QC)


V.O.: Le Coyote
Can. 2022. Drama by Katherine Jerkovic with Jorge Martinez Colorado, Enzo Desmeules Saint-Hilaire, Eva Avila. On the verge of moving to the regions to revive his career, a Montreal cook of Mexican origin is forced to take in the son of his drug-addicted daughter.
Runtime: 89 min.

Roads in February

V.O.: Les Routes en février
Can. 2017. Drama from Katherine Jerkovic with Arlen Aguayo-Stewart, Gloria Demassi, Mathias Perdigon. A young grieving newly arrived Quebecer travels to her grandmother’s house in Uruguay to find out more about what caused her parents to flee their country 10 years earlier.
Runtime: 83 min.

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