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Magnus Roosmann

Magnus Roosmann

Swedish actor
June 11, 1963 (60 years old)
Suèd. 2023. Thriller by Johan Storm with Hanne Mathisen Haga, Magnus Roosmann, Anderz Eide. On a desert island in the Barents Sea, where he has come to solve his father's death, a Swedish soldier hears a strange female voice that seems to be calling him.
Runtime: 90 min.

La Violoncelliste

V.O.: Cellisten
Suèd. 2009. Crime drama by Stephan Apelgren with Krister Henriksson, Lena Endre, Magnus Roosmann. A police commissioner tries to neutralize the killer hired to eliminate a cellist, who is about to testify against a member of the Russian mafia.

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