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Oeke Hoogendijk

Oeke Hoogendijk

Dutch documentarian
January 1, 1960 (63 years old)
Isr. 2021. Documentary by Oeke Hoogendijk. The filmmaker's mother hasn't left her house in decades, due to a recurring nightmare in which she doesn't know how to get home, like the day she was deported as a little Jewish girl.
Runtime: 71 min.

My Rembrandt

V.O.: Mijn Rembrandt
P.-B. 2019. Documentary by Oeke Hoogendijk. A duke, an art dealer, and a wealthy collector express their admiration for the work of the painter Rembrandt, master of the Dutch school of the 17th century.
Runtime: 97 min.

The New Rijksmuseum

V.O.: Het nieuwe Rijsmuseum
Dan. 2013. Documentary by Oeke Hoogendijk. The fascinating and complex process of renovating the most famous museum in the Netherlands, which houses, among other masterpieces, Rembrandt's ""The Night Watch.""
Runtime: 131 min.

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