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Peter Berg

Peter Berg

American actor, film director, producer and writer
March 11, 1964 (59 years old)
U.S. 2020. Crime drama by Peter Berg with Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Alan Arkin.
Runtime: 111 min.
U.S. 2018. Thriller by Peter Berg with Mark Wahlberg, Iko Uwais, Lauren Cohan. During a mission to exfiltrate an Indonesian policeman with sensitive information, an elite CIA officer and his team are pursued by terrorists.
Runtime: 94 min.
U.S. 2016. Drama by Peter Berg with Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, Kevin Bacon. The circumstances surrounding the 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist attack and the hunt for the bombers, two brothers of Chechen origin.
Runtime: 133 min.
U.S. 2016. Drama by Peter Berg with Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Gina Rodriguez. On April 20, 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico, a BP engineer causes the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform, killing 11 workers.
Runtime: 107 min.
U.S. 2013. War drama by Peter Berg with Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch. Sent into the Afghan mountains to strike a Taliban camp, four elite U.S. Army soldiers are accidentally spotted by the enemy.
Runtime: 121 min.
U.S. 2012. Science-fiction by Peter Berg with Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Tadanobu Asano. In the Pacific Ocean, soldiers and officers of the U.S. Navy fight against powerful aliens who are preparing to invade the planet.
Runtime: 130 min.
U.S. 2010. Thriller by Sylvain White with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans. A CIA commando left for dead in Bolivia returns to the U.S. incognito to seek revenge on the dangerous megalomaniac who framed him.
Runtime: 98 min.
U.S. 2009. Science-fiction by Peter Berg with Clea DuVall, Erik Jensen, Gene Farber. Aboard a spaceship, twelve astronauts find themselves at the mercy of a virtual reality program infected with a virus.
U.S. 2008. Fantasy by Peter Berg with Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman. An irresponsible, nonchalant superhero decides to take matters into his own hands with the help of a public relations specialist.
Runtime: 92 min.
G.-B. 2007. Thriller by Joe Carnahan with Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Alicia Keys. A Las Vegas magician becomes an informer after the mobster he was trying to replace sends hitmen after him.
Runtime: 109 min.
U.S. 2007. Thriller by Peter Berg with Jamie Foxx, Ashraf Barhom, Chris Cooper. Four FBI agents travel to Saudi Arabia to track down the perpetrators of an attack that killed hundreds of Americans working in the oil industry.
Runtime: 110 min.

Lions For Lambs

V.O.: Lions for Lambs
U.S. 2007. Political drama by Robert Redford with Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise. The impact of the new U.S. military strategy in Afghanistan on the lives of a senator, a journalist and a political science professor.
Runtime: 92 min.
U.S. 2004. Sports drama by Peter Berg with Billy Bob Thornton, Derek Luke, Garrett Hedlund. Depiction of the 1988 season of the Permian High School Panthers football team in Odessa, Texas.
Runtime: 117 min.
U.S. 2004. Thriller by Michael Mann with Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith. A cab driver is taken hostage by a professional killer who has to shoot five people in one night in various parts of Los Angeles.
Runtime: 120 min.
U.S. 2003. Adventures by Peter Berg with Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott, Rosario Dawson. A tough guy is hired by a millionaire to find his son who who left to find a valuable artifact in the jungles of Brazil.
Runtime: 104 min.
U.S. 1998. Satire by Peter Berg with Jon Favreau, Cameron Diaz, Christian Slater. A bachelor party turns into a nightmare when a prostitute accidentally dies.
U.S. 1997. Crime drama by James Mangold with Sylvester Stallone, Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta. In order to arrest corrupt police officers, an investigator gets help from the sheriff of the small town where they live.
Runtime: 116 min.
U.S. 1994. Biography by Michael Dinner with Peter Berg, Kathy Morris, Johanne Carlo.
Runtime: 88 min.
U.S. 1993. Thriller by John Dahl with Linda Fiorentino, Bill Pullman, Peter Berg. A Machiavellian woman seduces a harmless young man into killing her husband from whom she stole a large sum of money.
Runtime: 110 min.
U.S. 1993. Court drama by Duncan Gibbins with Peter Berg, Jennifer Grey, Belinda Bauer. A Chicago lawyer joins a colleague in the defence of a woman accused of murder.
Runtime: 94 min.
U.S. 1993. Science-fiction by Robert Lieberman with D.B. Sweeney, Robert Patrick, Craig Sheffer. Reappearing after being absent for five days, a lumberjack claims he was kidnapped by aliens.
Runtime: 111 min.
U.S. 1993. Sports drama by Patrick Hasburgh with Paul Gross, Peter Berg, Finola Hughes. The adventures of two friends who are instructors in a Colorado ski resort.
Runtime: 117 min.
U.S. 1992. War drama by Keith Gordon with Ethan Hawke, Peter Berg, Kevin Dillon. During the Ardennes campaign, American soldiers try to gain the trust of their weakened enemy.
Runtime: 108 min.
U.S. 1991. Dramatic comedy by W.D. Richter with Brian Wimmer, Peter Berg, Marcia Gay Harden. Two brothers-in-law who were unknowingly used as guinea pigs in an artificial hibernation experiment wake up thirty years later without having aged.
Runtime: 1991
U.S. 1990. Mores drama by Michael Bortman with Vincent D'Onofrio, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Noah Wyle. The tensions between a father and his rebellious eldest son lead to tragic consequences.
Runtime: 113 min.
U.S. 1989. Fantasy by Wes Craven with Peter Berg, Mitch Pileggi, Michael Murphy. Following a strange dream, a student is able to put the police on the trail of a dangerous assassin.
Runtime: 107 min.

Second Coming of Eva

V.O.: Porr i skandalskolan
Suèd. 1974. Sex comedy by Mac Ahlberg with Peter Berg, Jack Frank, Teresa Svensson.
Runtime: 75 min.

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