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Roshan Sethi

Roshan Sethi

Film director, screenwriter and producer
in streaming starting June 23 2023
U.S. 2023. Comedy by Roshan Sethi with Utkarsh Ambudkar, Punam Patel, Manny Magnus. A young expert at math, obsessed with his late father's dream of becoming a rap musician, learns how difficult it is to run after multiple goals in life.
U.S. 2022. History by Phyllis Nagy with Elizabeth Banks, Sigourney Weaver, Chris Messina. In 1968, a Chicago woman, facing death in childbirth when doctors refuse to terminate her pregnancy, joins an underground abortion network.
Runtime: 121 min.
U.S. 2021. Dramatic comedy by Roshan Sethi with Gita Reddy, Zenobia Shroff, Karan Soni. As if their pre-arranged date, organized by their traditional Indian parents, wasn't uncomfortable enough, Ravi and Rita are forced to shelter in place together as COVID-19's reach intensifies.
Runtime: 86 min

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