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Sébastien Marnier

Sébastien Marnier

September 22, 1979 (44 years old)

The Origin of Evil

V.O.: L'Origine du mal
Fr. 2022. Thriller by Sébastien Marnier with Laure Calamy, Jacques Weber, Dominique Blanc. In a luxurious seaside villa, a woman of modest tastes reconnects with her wealthy father and becomes acquainted with the latter's tortuous entourage.
Runtime: 125 min.
Fr. 2018. Drama by Sébastien Marnier with Laurent Lafitte, Luana Bajrami, Victor Bonnel. A substitute teacher tries to understand the disturbing attitude of some of his students, who are gifted, contemptuous, and nihilistic.
Runtime: 104 min.

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