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Sophie Deraspe

Sophie Deraspe

Canadian film director
October 27, 1973 (49 years old)
Can. 2019. Drama from Sophie Deraspe with Nahéma Ricci, Nour Belkhiria, Antoine Desrochers. By organizing the escape of her younger brother threatened with deportation, a young North African immigrant woman provokes a great movement of solidarity.
Runtime: 109 min.

The Seven Last Words

V.O.: Les Sept dernières paroles
Can. 2019. Essay film from Juan Andres Arango, Sophie Deraspe, Sophie Goyette, Karl Lemieux, Ariane Lorrain, Caroline Monnet, Kaveh Nabatian. A series of contemporary representations of the last sentences uttered by Christ on the cross, joined by the music of Joseph Haydn.
Runtime: 73 min.
Can. 2018. Documentary from Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol. Astrophysicist Hubert Reeves and experts in various fields share their concerns about the threat of a sixth extinction of the planet’s animal and plant species.
Runtime: 91 min.
Can. 2015. Documentary from Sophie Deraspe. A gay Montreal intellectual, who had been corresponding with a Syrian-American blogger, discovers that their relationship was not what she thought it was.
Runtime: 85 min.
Can. 2015. Documentary from Sophie Deraspe.
Runtime: 84 min.

The Wolves

V.O.: Les Loups
Can. 2014. Drama from Sophie Deraspe with Evelyne Brochu, Louise Portal, Benoît Gouin. A Montreal student lands on an island in the North Atlantic, where she arouses the suspicion of the matriarch, head of the sea bass hunting industry.
Runtime: 107 min.

Vital Signs

V.O.: Les Signes vitaux
Can. 2009. Psychological drama from Sophie Deraspe with Marie-Hélène Bellavance, Francis Ducharme, Marie Brassard. A student from Quebec gives up everything to become a volunteer in the hospice where her grandmother died.
Runtime: 87 min.

Missing Victor Pellerin

V.O.: Rechercher Victor Pellerin
Can. 2006. Satire from Sophie Deraspe with Sophie Deraspe, Eudore Belzile, Élisabeth Legrand. A documentary filmmaker tries to track down a painter who disappeared fifteen years earlier after burning all his work.
Runtime: 103 min.
Can. 2005. Documentary from Hervé Misserey.
Runtime: 71 min.

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