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Claude Fournier

Claude Fournier

film director
July 23, 1931 (March 16, 2023)
Can. 2023. Comedy from Chloé Robichaud. Updated version of Claude Fournier's erotic comedy, about two suburban wives who accumulate adventures with delivery men.
Can. 2018. Documentary from Claude Fournier. In his twilight years and weakened by illness, André Brassard, who directed Michel Tremblay's greatest texts, tells his story.
Runtime: 71 min.
Can. 2010. Documentary from Louiselle Noël. A director collects the testimonies of four children suffering from mental illness and those of their parents.
Runtime: 73 min.

My Only Love

V.O.: Je n'aime que toi
Can. 2003. Sentimental drama from Claude Fournier with Michel Forget, Noémie Godin-Vigneau, Dorothée Berryman. A successful writer falls in love with a prostitute and uses her tormented life as material for a new novel.
Can. 2002. Dramatic comedy from Claude Fournier with Claire Bloom, Daniel Lavoie, Susannah York. After leaving her husband and her wealthy life, a 60-year-old woman moves into a shabby apartment building where she falls in love with a Romanian immigrant.
Runtime: 100 min.

Heads or Tails

V.O.: J'en suis!
Can. 1997. Mores comedy from Claude Fournier with Roy Dupuis, Patrick Huard, Albert Millaire.
Runtime: 104 min.
Can. 1990. Social drama by Claude Fournier with Kate Nelligan, John Bach, Rachel Friend. The tribulations of a family living in rural Australia during the Great Depression of 1929.

The Mills of Power II

V.O.: Les Tisserands du pouvoir II - La révolte
Can. 1988. Social drama from Claude Fournier with Aurélien Recoing, Michel Forget, Charlotte Laurier. An old man recalls the life of his father who, in the 1920s, fought for the rights of Quebec workers living in Rhode Island.
Runtime: 124 min.

The Mills of Power

V.O.: Les Tisserands du pouvoir I
Can. 1988. Chronicle from Claude Fournier with Aurélien Recoing, Gabrielle Lazure, Pierre Chagnon. An elderly Quebecer tells a reporter about his life in the United States in the shadow of a textile factory owned by a French family.
Runtime: 116 min.

The Tin Flute

V.O.: Bonheur d'occasion
Can. 1983. Mores drama from Claude Fournier with Mireille Deyglun, Marilyn Lightstone, Pierre Chagnon. The trials and tribulations of a working-class family in urban Montreal in the 1940s.
Runtime: 120 min.
Runtime: 96 min.

Far Away from you, Darling

V.O.: Je suis loin de toi, mignonne
Can. 1976. Mores comedy from Claude Fournier with Dominique Michel, Denise Filiatrault, Marc Legault. In 1940, the adventures of two sisters who work in a munitions factory in the hope of an upcoming wedding.
Runtime: 105 min.

The Apple, the Stem and the Seeds

V.O.: La Pomme, la queue et les pépins!
Can. 1974. Mores comedy from Claude Fournier with Donald Lautrec, Han Masson, Janine Sutto. An impotent man tries a thousand ways to regain his manhood, while family and friends make light of the situation.
Runtime: 88 min.
Can. 1974. Western from Claude Fournier with Donald Sutherland, Gordon Tootoosis, Jean Duceppe. At the end of the ninettenth century, a Royal Constabulary officer tracks down an Indian who has killed a police officer
Runtime: 90 min.

Master Cats

V.O.: Les Chats bottés
Can. 1971. Comedy from Claude Fournier with Donald Pilon, Donald Lautrec, Jacques Famery. Two apathetic bachelors living by their wits pile on female conquests.
Runtime: 90 min.

Two Women in Gold

V.O.: Deux Femmes en or
Can. 1970. Comedy by Claude Fournier with Monique Mercure, Louise Turcot, Marcel Sabourin. Two suburban women, neglected by their husbands, decide to invite as many delivery drivers as possible to their homes.
Runtime: 105 min.

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