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Jacob Whiteduck-Lavoie

Jacob Whiteduck-Lavoie

in theaters starting June 16th 2023 (QC)
Can. 2023. Comedy from Mariloup Wolfe with Liliane Skelly, Camille Felton, Joseph Delorey. A tall, slender teenage water park lifeguard falls in love with a young cycling prodigy who is also coveted by her older sister.
Can. 2021. Drama from Caroline Monnet with Devery Jacobs, Pascale Bussières, Jacques Newashish. Back in the Indigenous community where she grew up, a law student becomes involved in a controversial debate over the sale of alcohol.
Runtime: 81 min.

A Colony

V.O.: Une Colonie
Can. 2018. Drama from Geneviève Dulude-De Celles with Émilie Bierre, Irlande Côté, Jacob Whiteduck-Lavoie. The awakening of a reserved teenager through contact with a popular student at her new high school and an Abenaki classmate.
Runtime: 103 min.

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