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Marc Beaupré

Marc Beaupré

Canadian actor
June 24, 1976 (46 years old)

Very Nice Day

V.O.: Très belle journée
Can. 2022. Drama from Patrice Laliberté with Guillaume Laurin, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Marc Beaupré. Obsessed with his Instagramming neighbor, a conspiratorial bike messenger forgets an important delivery, angering his violent boss.
Runtime: 75 min.
Can. 2022. Essay film from Emmanuel Schwartz with Benjamin Therrètes Leblanc, Kevin Tremblay, Xavier Goulet. When tragedy strikes the graduating class of a drama school, the aspiring actors are forced to re-evaluate their relationship to art, acting and the sacred.

The Noise of Engines

V.O.: Le Bruit des moteurs
Can. 2020. Dramatic comedy from Philippe Grégoire with Robert Naylor, Tanja Bjork, Marie-Thérèse Fortin. In Napierville, a customs officer who was laid off for sexual misconduct is suspected of being behind the pornographic drawings posted on the church doors.
Runtime: 78 min.

The Decline

V.O.: Jusqu'au Déclin
Can. 2019. Thriller from Patrice Laliberté with Marie-Évelyne Lessard, Guillaume Laurin, Réal Bossé. Fearing a major catastrophe, citizens train in a survivalist camp in the middle of a huge forest.
Runtime: 82 min.


V.O.: Genèse
Can. 2018. Drama from Philippe Lesage with Théodore Pellerin, Noée Abita, Pier-Luc Funk. The love affair between a teenager, a boarder at an all-boys school, and his older half-sister, a college student.
Runtime: 131 min.
Can. 2017. Police comedy from Alain DesRochers with Patrick Huard, Colm Feore, Mariana Mazza. An SQ detective and an English-speaking RCMP colleague join forces to dismantle a terrorist network specializing in car trafficking.
Runtime: 120 min.

Mirror Lake

V.O.: Lac Mystère
Can. 2013. Thriller from Érik Canuel with Maxim Gaudette, Laurence Leboeuf, Laurent Lucas. Deceived by his relatives, a Montrealer steals a large sum of money and takes refuge in a cottage on the edge of an isolated lake where he meets some unusual people.
Runtime: 118 min.
Can. 2011. Mores drama from Demian Fuica with Jason Roy Léveillée, Marc Beaupré, Pierre-Luc Brillant. Through his best friend, an unremarkable young man becomes a drug mule with the sole purpose of paying off his father
Runtime: 104 min.


V.O.: Jaloux
Can. 2010. Psychological drama from Patrick Demers with Sophie Cadieux, Maxime Denommée, Benoît Gouin. A young man is harassed by a mysterious neighbor at his uncle's cabin, that he is borrowing for a weekend to reconnect with his wife, who is fed up with his jealousy
Runtime: 94 min.
Can. 2008. Mores drama from Lyne Charlebois with Isabelle Blais, Angèle Coutu, Jean-Hugues Anglade. A literature student struggling to break free from her difficult past has a dead-end affair with a married professor.
Runtime: 110 min.
Can. 2003. Dramatic comedy from Louis Bélanger with Serge Thériault, Gilles Renaud, Sébastien Delorme. In 1989, follows the professional and family tribulations of a widower who manages a gas station where his three sons work in a poor neighborhood.
Runtime: 115 min.

Tar Angel

V.O.: L'Ange de goudron
Can. 2001. Social drama from Denis Chouinard with Zinedine Soualem, Catherine Trudeau, Rabah Aït Ouyahia. An Algerian immigrant goes in search of his son, a young anarchist activist who has fled to northern Quebec.
Runtime: 99 min.

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