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Maxim Gaudette

Maxim Gaudette

Canadian actor
June 8, 1974 (48 years old)

Social Hygiene

V.O.: Hygiène sociale
Can. 2021. Tale from Denis Côté with Maxim Gaudette, Larissa Corriveau, Ève Duranceau. In the countryside, a thief’s successive encounters with different women force him to confront his fickleness and failures.
Runtime: 76 min.

Confessions Of a Hitman

V.O.: Confessions
Can. 2021. Biography from Luc Picard with Luc Picard, Sandrine Bisson, David La Haye. The tumultuous life of Gérald Gallant, one of Quebec’s most prolific hitmen.
Runtime: 109 min.
Can. 2016. Sketches from Éric Tessier, Stéphane E. Roy, Luc Picard, Ricardo Trogi, Jean-Philippe Duval, Micheline Lanctôt, Érik Canuel, Claude Brie, Marc Labrèche with Stéphane E. Roy, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Christian Bégin. The topics discussed in the lecture of a so-called communications expert are illustrated by nine stories, each featuring a member of his audience.
Runtime: 98 min.

Our Loves Ones

V.O.: Les Êtres chers
Can. 2015. Chronicle from Anne Émond with Maxim Gaudette, Karelle Tremblay, Valérie Cadieux. Over a period of twenty years, the torments of a cabinetmaker from Bas-Saint-Laurent and his family, marked by the suicide of the patriarch.
Runtime: 102 min.

Mirror Lake

V.O.: Lac Mystère
Can. 2013. Thriller from Érik Canuel with Maxim Gaudette, Laurence Leboeuf, Laurent Lucas. Deceived by his relatives, a Montrealer steals a large sum of money and takes refuge in a cottage on the edge of an isolated lake where he meets some unusual people.
Runtime: 118 min.
Can. 2010. Drama by Denis Villeneuve with Lubna Azabal, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Maxim Gaudette. When their mother dies, Montreal twins discover disturbing facts about her youth in a Middle Eastern country ravaged by civil war.
Runtime: 131 min.
Can. 2008. Social drama from Denis Villeneuve with Maxim Gaudette, Karine Vanasse, Sébastien Huberdeau. Portrayal of the École Polytechnic massacre on December 6, 1989, from the point of view of the killer and two students, a survivor and a powerless witness.
Runtime: 77 min.
Can. 2006. Psychological drama from Jean Beaudin with Karine Vanasse, Marie-Thérèse Fortin, Maxim Gaudette. Upon her return from Florence, a young violinist suffering from Stendhal syndrome begins a search for her missing mother.
Runtime: 102 min.
Can. 2006. Dramatic comedy from Patrice Sauvé with Patrice Robitaille, François Létourneau, Anik Lemay. An escort agency is the scene of various incidents involving depressed and untruthful people.
Runtime: 102 min.
Can. 2003. Drama from Stefan Pleszczynski with Patrick Labbé, Isabel Richer, Maxime Dumontier. The arrival of a mysterious visitor disrupts the life of a mining village decimated by a tragic accident.
Runtime: 122 min.

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