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Marina Foïs

Marina Foïs

French actress
January 21, 1970 (53 years old)
in theaters starting April 14th 2023 (QC)
Fr. 2023. Thriller from Jean-Paul Salomé with Isabelle Huppert, Grégory Gadebois, Marina Foïs. In 2012, Maureen Kearney, a CFDT delegate at Areva, became a whistleblower to expose a state secret, shaking up the nuclear industry in France.
Runtime: 122 min.


V.O.: En roue libre
Fr. 2022. Comedy from Didier Barcelo with Marina Foïs, Benjamin Voisin, Jean-Charles Clichet. Panicking as she tries to get out of her car, an overworked nurse is kidnapped by a young car thief who forces her to hit the road with him.
Runtime: 89 min.

Year of the Shark

V.O.: L'Année du requin
Fr. 2022. Horror comedy from Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma with Marina Foïs, Kad Merad, Jean-Pascal Zadi. While a surfer has disappeared, a shark prowls the harbor of a small coastal town in southwest France.
Runtime: 87 min.

The Beasts

V.O.: As bestas
Esp. 2022. Thriller by Rodrigo Sorogoyen with Denis Ménochet, Marina Foïs, Luis Zahera. A couple of French farmers who have been living in a small Spanish village for a long time suddenly attract the wrath of two local brothers who are determined to drive them out of the area.
Runtime: 137 min.
Fr. 2021. Dramatic comedy from Catherine Corsini with Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Marina Foïs, Pio Marmaï. A lesbian couple and an injured truck driver find themselves among the patients of an overflowing emergency room in the middle of the night, following a yellow vests protest.
Runtime: 98 min.
Fr. 2021. Horror comedy from Fabrice Éboué with Fabrice Éboué, Marina Foïs, Jean-François Cayrey. Following an unfortunate accident, a butcher couple in financial difficulty discovers the commercial potential of selling the meat of vegan activists.
Runtime: 87 min.
Fr. 2019. Comedy from Sophie Letourneur with Jonathan Cohen, Marina Foïs, Jacqueline Kakou. A concert pianist becomes unwillingly pregnant, due to the fault of her husband and agent, who has just discovered a desire to be a father.
Runtime: 98 min.

Sink or Swim

V.O.: Le Grand bain
Fr. 2018. Dramatic comedy from Gilles Lellouche with Mathieu Amalric, Guillaume Canet, Benoît Poelvoorde. A group of men who have been tested by life challenge themselves to represent France at the men’s world synchronized swimming championships.
Runtime: 122 min.
Fr. 2017. Drama from Laurent Cantet with Matthieu Lucci, Marina Foïs, Warda Rammach. In La Ciotat, in the south of France, a teenager on the verge of radicalization destabilizes the Parisian novelist who has come to direct a social integration writing workshop for young people.
Runtime: 113 min.
Fr. 2017. Sentimental comedy from Antony Cordier with Félix Moati, Laetitia Dosch, Christa Theret. For his father’s second wedding, a young man returns to the family zoo with a stranger who has agreed to pretend to be his girlfriend.
Runtime: 103 min.
Fr. 2016. Sentimental comedy from Martin Bourboulon with Laurent Lafitte, Marina Foïs, Alexandre Desrousseaux. An alleged pregnancy and a bogus marriage announcement jeopardize the shared custody arrangement between an obstetrician and an engineer.
Runtime: 87 min.
Fr. 2015. Mores drama from Marcial di Fonzo Bo with Romain Duris, Marina Foïs, Anaïs Demoustier. An Italian aristocrat and his girlfriend share their unhappiness and resentment with a couple of younger, less wealthy neighbours who have just had a second child.
Runtime: 90 min.

Paris Follies

V.O.: La Ritournelle
Fr. 2014. Dramatic comedy from Marc Fitoussi with Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Michael Nyqvist. A farm girl from Normandy decides on a whim to join a young man in Paris, without suspecting that her husband has followed her and is discreetly watching her.
Runtime: 98 min.

Daddy or Mommy

V.O.: Papa ou maman
Fr. 2014. Comedy from Martin Bourboulon with Marina Foïs, Laurent Lafitte, Alexandre Desrousseaux. A divorcing obstetrician and engineer compete to avoid custody of their children when both are offered jobs abroad.
Runtime: 85 min.
Fr. 2013. Comedy from Alexandre Charlot, Franck Magnier with Franck Dubosc, Marina Foïs, Charles Crombez. In 1976, in a high-rise apartment building in the suburbs of Paris, a red-headed boy's cocker spaniel causes problems for his parents.
Runtime: 82 min.
Fr. 2013. Comedy from Valérie Lemercier with Valérie Lemercier, Gilles Lellouche, Samatin Pendev. The editor-in-chief of a major women's magazine and her art dealer husband adopt a little Russian boy who upsets their world of luxury and pageantry.
Runtime: 98 min.
Fr. 2012. Psychological drama from Alexandra Leclère with Mathilde Seigner, Marina Foïs, Josiane Balasko. Two forty-year-old Parisian women kidnap their cantankerous mother in Brittany to force her to reveal why she never loved them.
Runtime: 88 min.
Fr. 2011. Social drama from Maïwenn with Karin Viard, Marina Foïs, JoeyStarr . The daily life of the police officers of a Parisian youth protection brigade, from the point of view of a photographer doing a report for the Ministry of the Interior.
Runtime: 127 min.

22 Bullets

V.O.: L'Immortel
Fr. 2010. Crime drama from Richard Berry with Jean Reno, Kad Merad, Marina Foïs. Having survived an assassination attempt, a former mafia boss from Marseille tries to identify and eliminate those who wanted him dead.
Runtime: 117 min.
Fr. 2010. Drama from Antony Cordier with Marina Foïs, Élodie Bouchez, Roschdy Zem. Two couples who practice polyamory live in harmony until the day when one of the women begins to question the validity of their debauchery.
Runtime: 103 min.

Change of Plans

V.O.: Le Code a changé
Fr. 2009. Dramatic comedy from Danièle Thompson with Karin Viard, Dany Boon, Marina Foïs. Various incidents will upset the lives of the guests at a dinner party organized by an ambitious lawyer and her unemployed husband.
Runtime: 100 min.

The Big Picture

V.O.: L'Homme qui voulait vivre sa vie
Fr. 2009. Drama from Éric Lartigau with Romain Duris, Marina Foïs, Niels Arestrup. Having accidentally caused the death of his wife's lover, a father stages his own death and flees to Hungary under the identity of his victim.
Runtime: 117 min.
Fr. 2008. Drama from Marion Laine with Sandrine Bonnaire, Marina Foïs, Patrick Pineau. In the 19th century, a good and naive young maid withers under the influence of her boss, a stuffy widow incapable of the slightest tenderness.
Runtime: 105 min.

The Joy of Singing

V.O.: Le Plaisir de chanter
Fr. 2008. Comedy from Ilan Duran Cohan with Marina Foïs, Lorant Deutsch, Jeanne Balibar. In order to retrieve a flash drive held by the wife of a murdered uranium smuggler, two undercover agents enroll in the singing class attended by the widow.
Runtime: 98 min.
Fr. 2008. Comedy from Maïwenn with Maïwenn, Jeanne Balibar, Romane Bohringer. A filmmaker decides to film the intimacy of eleven actresses for a documentary on the various facets of their profession.
Runtime: 105 min.
Fr. 2007. Drama from Christine Carrière with Marina Foïs, Guillaume Canet, Océane Décaudain. Refusing to become a ""peasant"" like her mother, a young woman leaves the family farm to marry a truck driver who turns out to be a violent alcoholic.
Runtime: 93 min.
Fr. 2006. Satire from Éric Lartigau with Kad Merad, Olivier Baroux, Marina Foïs. Two civilians who win a contest are invited to stay in a European orbital station.
Runtime: 90 min.
Fr. 2004. Dramatic comedy from Bernard Rapp with Sandrine Kiberlain, Yvan Attal, Jean-Paul Rouve. During a picnic a couple decides, for fun, to make their family and friends believe that they are going to separate.
Runtime: 88 min.

Bottoms Up

V.O.: À boire
Fr. 2004. Comedy from Marion Vernoux with Emmanuelle Béart, Édouard Baer, Atmen Kelif. In a ski resort, on New Year's Eve, three lost people find comfort in alcohol.
Runtime: 90 min.
Fr. 2003. Satire from Alain Chabat with Alain Chabat, Maurice Barthélemy, Marina Foïs. In the prehistoric era, a tribe must solve humanity's first crime while hiding the shampoo formula from a rival clan.
Runtime: 99 min.
Fr. 2003. Sentimental comedy from Bernard Jeanjean with Marina Foïs, Julien Boisselier. A single woman in her thirties invites a colleague from the office who she is attracted to but doesn't know very well to dinner at her house.
Runtime: 85 min.
Fr. 2002. Mores comedy from Claude Duty with Marina Foïs, Olivia Bonamy, Amira Casar. The romantic and professional tribulations of three young women who end up becoming friends.

Bed & Breakfast

V.O.: Bienvenue au gîte
Fr. 2002. Mores comedy from Claude Duty with Marina Foïs, Philippe Harel, Annie Gregorio. A Parisian couple stressed by the city decides to buy a bed and breakfast in a small rustic village in Provence.
Runtime: 107 min.
Fr. 2001. Police comedy from Charles Nemès with Eric Judor, Ramzy Bedia, Marina Foïs. Two not-so-smart window cleaners confront the criminals who are holding a company's executives hostage.
Runtime: 92 min.
Fr. 1998. Police comedy from James Huth with Michèle Laroque, Albert Dupontel, Élise Tielrooy. A novelist's birthday dinner turns sour when she accidentally kills each of her four suitors.
Runtime: 84 min.

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