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Michel Côté

Michel Côté

acteur québécois
June 25, 1950 (May 29, 2023)

Father and Guns 2

V.O.: De père en flic 2
Can. 2017. Police comedy by Émile Gaudreault with Louis-José Houde, Michel Côté, Karine Vanasse. A Montreal detective, eternal rival of his cop father, infiltrates with his teammate a couples therapy group in which a mafia boss’s lieutenant and his wife have registered.
Runtime: 117 min.
Can. 2016. Docufiction by Jimmy Larouche with Dino Tavarone, Michel Côté, Joëlle Morin. At 72-years-old, weakened by illness, Italian-Quebec actor Dino Tavarone recounts the different stages of his career and his life.
Runtime: 84 min.

The Masters of Suspense

V.O.: Les Maîtres du suspense
Can. 2014. Comedy by Stéphane Lapointe with Michel Côté, Robin Aubert, Antoine Bertrand. Paralyzed by writer
Runtime: 101 min.
Can. 2012. Crime drama by Luc Dionne with Patrick Huard, Michel Côté, Rachelle Lefevre. An agent of a Montreal security company infiltrates the entourage of a restaurant owner suspected by the police of laundering money for the mafia.
Runtime: 107 min.

A Sense of Humour

V.O.: Le Sens de l'humour
Can. 2011. Comedy by Émile Gaudreault with Michel Côté, Louis-José Houde, Benoît Brière. Two comedians on tour are kidnapped by a shy but psychopathic cook, whom they had used as the butt of their jokes during a show.
Runtime: 110 min.

Piché: The Landing of a Man

V.O.: Piché - Entre ciel et terre
Can. 2010. Biography by Sylvain Archambault with Michel Côté, Maxime LeFlaguais, Sophie Prégent. After an emergency landing making him a media star, an alcoholic airplane pilot enters rehab to battle the demons of his past.
Runtime: 107 min.

Father and Guns

V.O.: De père en flic
Can. 2009. Police comedy by Émile Gaudreault with Michel Côté, Louis-José Houde, Rémy Girard. In order to get the cooperation of a criminal gang's lawyer, a father and son, both police officers, infiltrate an affiliated therapy group.
Runtime: 107 min.
Can. 2008. Mores comedy by Robert Ménard, Michel Côté with Michel Côté, Véronique Le Flaguais, Marie-France Duquette. The emotional ordeals of four fifty-somethings with contrasting personalities, confronted with the new realities of dating.
Runtime: 103 min.

My Daughter My Angel

V.O.: Ma fille mon ange
Can. 2006. Mores drama by Alexis Durand-Brault with Michel Côté, Karine Vanasse, Dominique Leduc. A political advisor from Quebec City travels to Montreal to prevent his daughter from exposing herself on a pornographic site.
Runtime: 86 min.
Can. 2005. Chronicle by Jean-Marc Vallée with Marc-André Grondin, Michel Côté, Danielle Proulx. Born in 1960 in a Montreal suburb, a young man who denies his homosexual impulses seeks his father's approval.
Runtime: 129 min.

The Last Tunnel

V.O.: Le Dernier Tunnel
Can. 2004. Thriller by Érik Canuel with Michel Côté, Jean Lapointe, Christopher Heyerdahl. Criminals dig a tunnel from the sewers to rob a bank in Old Montreal.
Runtime: 109 min.

Evil Words

V.O.: Sur le seuil
Can. 2003. Fantasy by Éric Tessier with Michel Côté, Patrick Huard, Catherine Florent. A disillusioned psychiatrist must deal with a suicidal writer whose horror novels seem to foreshadow gruesome events.
Runtime: 99 min.

Life After Love

V.O.: La Vie après l'amour
Can. 2000. Sentimental comedy by Gabriel Pelletier with Michel Côté, Sylvie Léonard, Patrick Huard. When his wife leaves him after 20 years of marriage, a man tries by any means necessary to bring back meaning to his life.

Mistaken Identity

V.O.: Erreur sur la personne
Can. 1995. Crime drama by Gilles Noël with Michel Côté, Macha Grenon, Paul Doucet.
Runtime: 95 min.

Black List

V.O.: Liste noire
Runtime: 86 min.

A Wind from Wyoming

V.O.: Le Vent du Wyoming
Can. 1994. Dramatic comedy by André Forcier with Sarah-Jeanne Salvy, François Cluzet, Marc Messier. A young girl, whose lover was robbed by her mother, decides to seduce a French writer whom her sister covets.
Runtime: 92 min.
Can. 1991. Satire by Gilles Carle with Renée Faure, Chloé Sainte-Marie, Michel Côté. Roommates in a Moscow apartment welcome one of their own who has been living in Canada for fifteen years.
Can. 1990. Sentimental drama by Richard Roy with Michel Côté, Claire Nebout, Andrée Lachapelle. A tormented forty-year-old man gives up his job and leaves for Florida where he owns a house that he discovers is occupied by a young stranger.
Runtime: 94 min.

Meet Market

V.O.: Cruising Bar
Can. 1989. Satire by Robert Ménard with Michel Côté, Louise Marleau, Geneviève Rioux. Four men prepare themselves in different ways for the hunt for one-night stands in bars over the weekend.
Runtime: 96 min.
Can. 1988. Social drama by Robert Ménard with Marie Tifo, Michel Côté, Pierre Curzi. Following an accident, a teacher is paralyzed and confronted with a harsh reality.
Runtime: 83 min.

In the Belly of the Dragon

V.O.: Dans le ventre du dragon
Can. 1988. Science-fiction by Yves Simoneau with Rémy Girard, David La Haye, Marie Tifo. Two flyer distributors go to the rescue of a young colleague who has unwisely subjected himself to medical experiments.
Runtime: 100 min.
Can. 1986. Psychological drama by Robert Ménard with Louise Marleau, Michel Côté, Louise Portal. A divorced musician is plagued by obsessions and begins to fear madness.
Runtime: 100 min.
Can. 1982. Fantasy comedy by André Forcier with Michel Côté, Guy L'Ecuyer, Lucie Miville. A whimsical person with albinism befriends a former bowling champion.
Runtime: 90 min.

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