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David La Haye

David La Haye

Canadian actor
April 19, 1966 (56 years old)
Can. 2024. Thriller by Simon Boisvert with David La Haye, Stacie Mistysyn, Bruce Dinsmore. Fired from her job as an air traffic controller, a singer in an amateur hard rock band, married to a policeman, starts working for her lover, a crooked businessman.
Can. 2022. Dramatic comedy from Mariloup Wolfe with Maripier Morin, Gilbert Sicotte, Paul Ahmarani. The editor of a fashion magazine is persuaded to enter the political arena where she is appointed Minister of Culture and crosses swords with the Minister of Finance.
Runtime: 118 min.

Confessions Of a Hitman

V.O.: Confessions
Can. 2021. Biography from Luc Picard with Luc Picard, Sandrine Bisson, David La Haye. The tumultuous life of Gérald Gallant, one of Quebec’s most prolific hitmen.
Runtime: 109 min.
Can. 2021. Drama from Nicolas Roy with David La Haye, Éléonore Loiselle, Fanny Mallette. The daughter of a Canadian army officer has a love-hate relationship with the sergeant in charge of her training.
Runtime: 84 min.
Can. 2020. Horror from Jeremy Torrie with Ali Skovbye, David La Haye, Elyse Levesque. The inhabitants of a Franco-Manitoban village devote themselves to a resurrected Métis teenager whose wounds resemble the stigmata of Christ.
Runtime: 96 min.
Can. 2018. Satire from Ian Lagarde with Ludovic Berthillot, Sylvio Arriola, Yaite Ruiz. A bulimic tourist acting strangely becomes the centre of attention at a Caribbean all-inclusive resort.
Runtime: 88 min.
Can. 2017. Comedy from Marc-André Lavoie with Emmanuel Bilodeau, Réal Bossé, Sandrine Bisson. The close interrogation of a man who has compromised himself by wanting to help various people or to take revenge on those who have abused or humiliated him.
Runtime: 89 min.
Parental Guidance
Can. 2017. Sentimental comedy from Pat Kiely with Jessica Paré, Kathleen Turner, Jessica Parker Kennedy. A wedding in a Montreal hotel is disrupted by a love affair between members of the two families.
Runtime: 86 min.
Can. 2016. Drama from Dominic Goyer with Marc Paquet, Sylvie de Morais, Marc Béland. After the death of his mother, an animation filmmaker who led a double life, a thirty-year-old architect seeks to discover his father
Runtime: 92 min.

Aurelie Laflamme - Somewhat Grounded

V.O.: Aurélie Laflamme - Les Pieds sur terre
Can. 2015. Dramatic comedy from Nicolas Monette with Marianne Verville, Lou-Pascal Tremblay, Édith Cochrane. A teenager with an overactive imagination experiences various emotional and family woes during her last year of high school.
Runtime: 113 min.
Can. 2014. Dramatic comedy from David La Haye with David La Haye, Marie-Chantal Perron, Sylvie Moreau. Five men and women, united by a strong bond of friendship, try to help each other in the streets of Montreal, under the benevolent gaze of angels.
Runtime: 90 min.
Can. 2014. Crime drama from Jefferson Moneo with Nadia Litz, Justin Kelly, Stephen McHattie. To protect her teenage son, who has committed a serious crime, a former con artist takes refuge with him at the home of his father, a farmer with whom she had cut ties.
Runtime: 104 min.
Can. 2012. Essay film from David La Haye, Jay Tremblay with David La Haye, Marie-Chantal Perron, Richard Robitaille. On Easter in Montreal, an actress crosses paths with a fellow actor who became homeless following a concussion.
Runtime: 87 min.
Can. 2011. History from Jerry Ciccoritti with Shawn Doyle, Peter Outerbridge, David La Haye. From 1856 to 1864, the confrontation between conservative John A. Macdonald, Prime Minister of the Province of Canada, and reformist George Brown, leader of the future Liberal Party.
Runtime: 91 min.
Fr. 2008. Musical from Stéphane Kazandjian with Alexandra Lamy, Stéphane Rousseau, Pierre-François Martin-Laval. While his musical "Modern Love" triumphs in theaters, a screenwriter experiences romantic setbacks.
Runtime: 90 min.
Can. 2007. Comedy from Marc-André Lavoie, Simon Olivier Fecteau with Emmanuel Bilodeau, Isabelle Blais, Raymond Bouchard. Over a period of fifteen years, a glimpse into the lives of the successive inhabitants of an apartment that is about to be demolished.
Runtime: 90 min.
Can. 2006. Drama from Karim Hussain with Caroline Dhavernas, Marc-André Grondin, Carole Laure. In a large house in the country, a rich widow idolizes her simple-minded but very handsome son, provoking the unhealthy jealousy of her daughter.
Runtime: 110 min.

Marie Antoinette

V.O.: Marie-Antoinette
Can. 2006. Biography from Francis Leclerc, Yves Simoneau with Karine Vanasse, Olivier Aubin, David La Haye. The life of the last queen of France, from her arrival as a teenager at the court of Versailles to her execution in 1793 by the revolutionary tribunal.
Runtime: 123 min.
Can. 2006. Fantasy from Hunt Hoe with David La Haye, Leah Pinsent, Napakpapha Nakprasitte. During a stay in Thailand, a Montreal cook falls in love with a mysterious woman who introduces him to a cuisine with a strange appeal.
Runtime: 120 min.
Can. 2005. Dramatic comedy from Sébastien Rose with Raymond Bouchard, Paul Ahmarani, David La Haye. A famous writer who has developed health problems returns to his two sons who have very different personalities.
Runtime: 110 min.
Can. 2004. Chronicle from John Duigan with Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend, Penélope Cruz. In 1930s Paris, a love triangle is born between a carefree young American heiress, an Irish intellectual, and a Spanish dancer.
Runtime: 132 min.

New France

V.O.: Nouvelle-France
Can. 2004. Drama from Jean Beaudin with Noémie Godin-Vigneau, David La Haye, Juliette Gosselin. In 1759, in Quebec City, the love affair between a young widowed mother and a coureur des bois ends in tragedy.
Runtime: 145 min.
Can. 2003. Thriller from Eric Styles with Melanie Griffith, Rachael Leigh Cook, Hugh Dancy. In Paris, a young American woman gets mixed up in the robbery of the jewelry store where she works after falling in love with the lover of a fifty-year-old woman who is involved with the mafia.
Runtime: 84 min.
Can. 2001. Dramatic comedy from André Turpin with David La Haye, Isabelle Blais, Chantal Giroux. A young photographer who is a womanizer comes to realize that his fear of commitment is causing a lot of harm to those around him.
Runtime: 102 min.

Invention of Love

V.O.: L'Invention de l'amour
Can. 2000. Sentimental drama from Claude Demers with David La Haye, Pascale Montpetit, Delphine Brodeur. A writer and a mother live a passionate relationship in which a young prostitute interferes.
Runtime: 86 min.
Can. 2000. Comedy from Mario Chabot with Lise Dion, Roc Lafortune, David La Haye. On his way to a Halloween party, a good-natured man picks up an armed thug who leads him into various misadventures.
Can. 1999. Mores drama by Rodrigue Jean with David La Haye, Martin Desgagné, Louise Portal. The existential and emotional drift of a handful of friends living in a coastal village in New Brunswick.
Runtime: 90 min.

The Haven

V.O.: La Conciergerie
Can. 1997. Crime drama from Michel Poulette with Serge Dupire, Macha Grenon, Michel Forget.
Runtime: 108 min.
Runtime: 100 min.

Water Child

V.O.: L'Enfant d'eau
Runtime: 105 min.
Can. 1994. Biography from Richard Martin with Geneviève Rioux, Michel Bérubé, David La Haye.

Bye Bye Love

V.O.: Les Amoureuses
Can. 1993. Sentimental drama from Johanne Prégent with Louise Portal, Léa-Marie Cantin, Kenneth Welsh. While her best friend has just fallen in love, a forty-year-old woman is experiencing hardships in her relationship.
Runtime: 99 min.
Can. 1992. Drama from Isabelle Hayeur with Linda Roy, David La Haye, Grigori Hlady. A strange relationship develops between a woman, her lover and his boss.
Can. 1991. Biography from Robert Favreau with Marc St-Pierre, Michel Comeau, Lorraine Pintal. A documentary about the most decisive moments in the life of the Quebec poet
Runtime: 100 min.

In the Belly of the Dragon

V.O.: Dans le ventre du dragon
Can. 1988. Science-fiction from Yves Simoneau with Rémy Girard, David La Haye, Marie Tifo. Two flyer distributors go to the rescue of a young colleague who has unwisely subjected himself to medical experiments.
Runtime: 100 min.

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