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Renny Harlin

Renny Harlin

Finnish film director and film producer
March 15, 1959 (64 years old)
U.S. 2024. Thriller by Renny Harlin with Aaron Eckhart, Nina Dobrev, Clifton Collins Jr.. A brilliant but rebellious former CIA agent comes out of retirement to foil an international plot to eliminate foreign journalists by making it look like the agency is responsible.
Runtime: 110 min.
U.S. 2021. Thriller by Renny Harlin with Pierce Brosnan, Rami Jaber, Hermione Corfield. A renowned criminal joins a group of eccentric thieves tasked with stealing a treasure hidden in a Middle Eastern prison by the Muslim Brotherhood.
Runtime: 94 min.

Bodies at Rest

V.O.: Chen mo de zheng ren
Chin. 2019. Thriller by Renny Harlin with Nick Cheung, Zi Yang, Richie Jen.
Runtime: 94 min.


V.O.: Jue di tao wang
U.S. 2016. Police comedy by Renny Harlin with Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, Fan Bingbing. To get his goddaughter out of a bad situation, a Hong Kong police officer teams up with an American professional gambler, who has the Russian mafia after him.
Runtime: 107 min.
U.S. 2014. Adventures by Renny Harlin with Kellan Lutz, Gaia Weiss, Scott Adkins. Banished by his stepfather and taken prisoner in Egypt, Hercules discovers that he is the son of the god Zeus and that his mission is to liberate the kingdom from his mother.
Runtime: 98 min.

Devil's Pass

V.O.: The Dyatlov Pass Incident
U.S. 2013. Horror by Renny Harlin with Holly Goss, Matt Stokoe, Luke Albright.
Runtime: 96 min.
Runtime: 113 min.
U.S. 2009. Thriller by Renny Harlin with John Cena, Aidan Gillen, Ashley Scott. To find his fianc
Runtime: 108 min.
U.S. 2007. Thriller by Renny Harlin with Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, Eva Mendes. A crime scene cleaner discovers that he has been manipulated to cover up the traces of the murder of a man called to testify in a police corruption case.
Runtime: 89 min.
U.S. 2006. Fantasy by Renny Harlin with Steven Strait, Laura Ramsey, Sebastian Stan. Four boys united by supernatural powers inherited from their ancestors are challenged by the arrival of another descendant of their lineage.
Runtime: 97 min.
U.S. 2004. Fantasy by Renny Harlin with Stellan Skarsgard, Izabella Scorupco, James D'Arcy. Clerics investigate supernatural phenomena in a Kenyan village where a Byzantine-style church has been discovered buried underground.
Runtime: 114 min.
U.S. 2004. Thriller by Renny Harlin with LL Cool J, Kathryn Morris, Jonny Lee Miller. A serial killer targets FBI recruits participating in a simulation exercise on a remote island.
Runtime: 105 min.
U.S. 2001. Sports drama by Renny Harlin with Sylvester Stallone, Kip Pardue, Til Schweiger. A retired racer supports a rookie who competes against an experienced competitor in the CART World Championship Series.
Runtime: 117 min.
U.S. 1999. Horror by Renny Harlin with Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, LL Cool J. The employees of a floating laboratory in the high seas are in the grip of monstrous sharks.
Runtime: 106 min.
Runtime: 120 min.
U.S. 1995. Adventures by Renny Harlin with Geena Davis, Matthew Modine, Frank Langella.
Runtime: 124 min.
U.S. 1993. Adventures by Renny Harlin with Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, Michael Rooker. Rescuers fight hijackers whose plane crashed in the mountains of Colorado.
Runtime: 112 min.
U.S. 1990. Police comedy by Renny Harlin with Andrew Dice Clay, Lauren Holly, Wayne Newton. The manager of a deceased rock singer calls in a private detective to conduct a parallel investigation with the police.
Runtime: 104 min.
U.S. 1990. Thriller by Renny Harlin with Bruce Willis, William Sadler, Dennis Franz. While waiting for his wife at the airport, a police officer finds himself involved in a terrorist operation that he is trying to thwart.
Runtime: 123 min.
U.S. 1988. Horror by Renny Harlin with Robert Englund, Lisa Wilcox, Tuesday Knight. A murderous ghost who takes advantage of daydreams to come to life uses a shy teenage girl to carry out his crimes.
Runtime: 93 min.
U.S. 1987. Horror by Renny Harlin with Lane Smith, Viggo Mortensen, Chelsea Field. A prisoner who died in the electric chair returns to haunt the prison where he was executed.
Runtime: 102 min.
Fin. 1985. Adventures by Renny Harlin with Mike Norris, Steve Durham, David Coburn. Having gambled their way across the Russian border, three young Americans are taken to a labor camp from which they escape with the help of a mysterious character.
Runtime: 95 min.

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