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Rodrigue Jean

Rodrigue Jean

January 1, 1957 (66 years old)
in theaters starting March 31th 2023 (QC)

2012/Through the heart

V.O.: 2012/Dans le coeur
Can. 2022. Documentary from Rodrigue Jean, Arnaud Valade. Ten years after the 2012 student movement, the filmmakers offer a reappraisal of the violence that occurred, condemned by the then-power and the mass media.
Runtime: 77 min.
Can. 2019. Drama from Rodrigue Jean with Sébastien Ricard, Yury Paulau, Lise Roy. In the cold condo of a Montreal high-rise, the impulsive relationship of a 40-year-old man, whose mother is dying, with a Russian acrobat who has suffered a leg injury.
Runtime: 134 min.
Can. 2014. Mores drama from Rodrigue Jean with Alexandre Landry, Jean-Simon Leduc, Simon Lefebvre. To pay for his drug habit, a young man sells his body in Montreal's south-centre neighbourhood brothels, while pursuing a complicated relationship with a colleague.
Runtime: 120 min.
Can. 2013. Documentary from Rodrigue Jean, Hubert Caron Guay.
Runtime: 82 min.
Runtime: 95 min.
Can. 2008. Psychological drama from Rodrigue Jean with Suzie LeBlanc, Patrick Goyette, Ginette Morin. After the birth of her first child, a soprano singer overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task adopts a strange behavior.
Runtime: 102 min.

Men For Sale

V.O.: Hommes à louer
Can. 2008. Documentary from Rodrigue Jean. Over the course of a year, the testimonies of young male prostitutes working in Montreal’s gay village.
Runtime: 143 min.

Extrême Frontière, L' - L'Oeuvre poétique de Gérald Leblanc

V.O.: L'Extrême Frontière - L'Oeuvre poétique de Gérald Leblanc
Can. 2006. Documentary from Rodrigue Jean. Writers and songwriters pay tribute to G
Runtime: 77 min.
Can. 2002. Mores drama from Rodrigue Jean with Sébastien Huberdeau, Hélène Florent, Philippe Clément. On their way to Yellowknife, two young people from Moncton have several disturbing encounters.
Can. 1999. Mores drama from Rodrigue Jean with David La Haye, Martin Desgagné, Louise Portal. The existential and emotional drift of a handful of friends living in a coastal village in New Brunswick.
Runtime: 90 min.

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