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Aidan Quinn

Aidan Quinn

American actor
March 8, 1959 (64 years old)
Chin. 2022. Thriller from Mark Williams with Liam Neeson, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Aidan Quinn. A fast-talking FBI agent declares war on his bosses, whom he suspects of being involved in the murder of a women's rights activist.
Runtime: 108 min.
U.S. 2013. Adventures from Maggie Greenwald with Zosia Mamet, Aidan Quinn, Virginia Madsen.
Can. 2012. Drama from Anne Wheeler with Mackenzie Porter, Aidan Quinn, Kari Matchett. A rancher's daughter does the impossible to save two horses stuck in two meters of snow in the mountains.
Runtime: 88 min.
U.S. 2012. Thriller from Michael Connors with Seth Gabel, Lil Bow Wow, Pablo Schreiber. Remaining at home while his men are sent to Iraq, a National Guard lieutenant redeems himself by facilitating the escape of a soldier whose son is dying.
Runtime: 91 min.
Can. 2012. Drama from Wiebke von Carolsfeld with Taylor Schilling, Aidan Quinn, Michael Ironside. After finding out she is pregnant, a Canadian student living in Ireland with a teacher opposed to the idea of starting a family leaves to live temporarily with her father in Montreal.
Runtime: 99 min.
U.S. 2011. Thriller from Jaume Collet-Serra with Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, January Jones. In Berlin, an American scientist discovers that his identity has been stolen after an accident that temporarily put him in a coma.
Runtime: 114 min.
U.S. 2011. Dramatic comedy from Peter Skillman Odiorne with Sammi Hanratty, Brooke Shields, Aidan Quinn. After her father's dismissal, a spoiled pre-teen girl moves in with her parents on the old family farm, where she becomes very fond of a horse.
Runtime: 86 min.
Can. 2011. Sentimental comedy from Joan Carr-Wiggin with Marcia Gay Harden, Leonor Watling, Aidan Quinn.
U.S. 2010. Sentimental comedy from Rob Reiner with Madeline Carroll, Callan McAuliffe, John Mahoney. At the turn of the 1960s, a boy and a girl take turns developing feelings for each other.
Runtime: 90 min.

Across the Line

V.O.: Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright
U.S. 2010. Mores drama from R. Ellis Frazier with Aidan Quinn, Andy Garcia, Mario Van Peebles. The perpetrator of a pyramid scheme, who has fled to Mexico, is being hunted by both the FBI and a mobster that he has cheated.
Runtime: 94 min.
U.S. 2010. Sports drama from Rick Bieber with Ryan Merriman, Aidan Quinn, Andie MacDowell. A star college player dedicates his new season to his teenage brother, a promising athlete who died in a car accident.
Runtime: 91 min.
Irl. 2009. Drama from Conor McPherson with Ciaran Hinds, Iben Hjejle, Aidan Quinn. During a literary festival held in his village, a widower haunted by the ghosts of his loved ones is attracted to a novelist.
Runtime: 88 min.
Can. 2009. Drama from Vic Sarin with John Bell, Connie Nielsen, Aidan Quinn. As he forges a strong bond with his new mother, an orphan is met with the indifference of his adoptive father, a gruff fisherman.
Runtime: 101 min.
U.S. 2007. Comedy from Nick Moore with Emma Roberts, Natasha Richardson, Shirley Henderson. A spoiled young Californian girl is sent by her father to an English boarding school where she gets into trouble with the other students.
Runtime: 98 min.
U.S. 2007. Historic chronicle from Yves Simoneau with Adam Beach, August Schellenberg, Aidan Quinn. During the conquest of the West, the persecutions suffered by the Natives at the hands of the colonists who came from Europe.
Runtime: 132 min.
Irl. 2007. Drama from Marian Quinn with Ailish McCarthy, Sophie Jo Wasson, Orla Long. In 1979 in Dublin, the distress and agony of a teenager who betrayed her friends for a boy with beautiful eyes.
Runtime: 89 min.
U.S. 2007. Social drama from Chen Shi-zheng with Liu Ye, Aidan Quinn, Meryl Streep. At an American university, an astronomy student of Chinese origin sinks into depression after making an important discovery.
Runtime: 88 min.
U.S. 2005. Thriller from T.J. Scott with Aidan Quinn, Kelly Hu, Dean Cain. During a military exercise, a missile accidentally hits a passenger plane over the Pacific Ocean.
U.S. 2004. Drama from Richard Pearce with Aidan Quinn, Rachel Griffiths, America Ferrera. Various events transform the lives of eight individuals whose fates intertwine over the course of a year.
U.S. 2004. Biography from Rowdy Herrington with Jim Caviezel, Claire Forlani, Jeremy Northam. In the 1920s, American Bobby Jones overcame many obstacles to become one of the best golfers in the world.
Runtime: 120 min.
U.S. 2004. Thriller from Rich Cowan with Matt Davis, James Spader, Aidan Quinn. After accidentally killing a bank robber, a real estate agent becomes the plaything of a Machiavellian businessman.
Runtime: 88 min.
Irl. 2002. Court drama from Bruce Beresford with Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Vavasseur, Aidan Quinn. In 1953, in Dublin, an penniless worker abandoned by his wife goes all the way to the Supreme Court to regain custody of his three children placed in an orphanage.
Runtime: 95 min.
U.S. 2002. History from Mikael Salomon with Aidan Quinn, Kelsey Grammer, Flora Montgomery. During the Revolutionary War, an American general falls in love with a loyalist and ends up betraying his country.
U.S. 2002. Dramatic comedy from Pete Jones with Adi Stein, Mike Weinberg, Aidan Quinn. In 1976, the young son of an Irish fireman befriends a the son of a Rabbi who is sick with leukemia.
U.S. 2000. Psychological drama from Graeme Clifford with Aidan Quinn, Marcia Gay Harden, Will Estes. An emotionally unstable farmer alienates his wife and son.
U.S. 2000. Drama from Michael Lindsay-Hogg with Aidan Quinn, Jared Harris. One evening in April in 1976, the singer Paul McCartney visited his former friend John Lennon to settle accounts from the past.
Runtime: 89 min.
U.S. 2000. Drama from Maggie Greenwald with Janet McTeer, Aidan Quinn, Pat Carroll. In 1907, a musicologist became interested in the songs that the inhabitants of an Appalachian village had passed down through the generations.
Runtime: 109 min.
U.S. 1999. Biography from Wes Craven with Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett, Aidan Quinn. In 1988, a divorced mother began teaching violin to schoolchildren in an underprivileged area of New York City.
Runtime: 123 min.
U.S. 1998. Fantasy comedy from Griffin Dunne with Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Aidan Quinn. The love stories of two young witches are disrupted by the curse that weighs on their family.
Runtime: 104 min.
U.S. 1998. Fantasy from Neil Jordan with Annette Bening, Robert Downey Jr., Aidan Quinn. Victim of strange nightmares linked to the misdeeds of a serial killer, an artist decides to go in search of him.
Runtime: 100 min.
Can. 1998. Sentimental drama from Paul Quinn with Aidan Quinn, James Caan, Moya Farrelly. An American professor, who never knew his father, discovers the love story his parents had in the late 1930s in Ireland.
Runtime: 120 min.
U.S. 1997. Adventures from Simon Langton with Aidan Quinn, Nigel Hawthorne, Kabir Bedi. In 1869, a journalist goes in search of a famous British explorer whent missing in Africa.
Runtime: 96 min.
Can. 1997. Spy drama from Christian Duguay with Aidan Quinn, Donald Sutherland, Ben Kingsley. In order to frame a terrorist by making him look like a traitor, the CIA enlists the help of a criminal look-alike.
G.-B. 1996. History from Neil Jordan with Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Julia Roberts.
Runtime: 132 min.
U.S. 1996. Dramatic comedy from Daniel Taplitz with Aidan Quinn, Courteney Cox, Anthony LaPaglia.
Runtime: 88 min.
G.-B. 1995. Fantasy from Lewis Gilbert with Aidan Quinn, Kate Beckinsale, Anthony Andrews.
Runtime: 108 min.
U.S. 1995. Dramatic comedy from James Keach with Robert Duvall, Aidan Quinn, Frances Fisher.
Runtime: 110 min.
Runtime: 123 min.
U.S. 1994. Chronicle from Edward Zwick with Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn, Anthony Hopkins.
Runtime: 133 min.
U.S. 1994. Crime drama from Michael Apted with Madeleine Stowe, Aidan Quinn, James Remar.
Runtime: 106 min.
U.S. 1993. Mores comedy from Jeremiah Chechik with Johnny Depp, Mary Stuart Masterson, Aidan Quinn. A single mechanic and his schizophrenic sister are forced to take in a young eccentric temporarily.
Runtime: 98 min.
Irl. 1992. Sentimental drama from Gillies MacKinnon with Robin Wright, Albert Finney, Aidan Quinn. In 1957, in a Southern Irish village, an alcoholic police officer is in love with a young single mother who prefers a travelling comedian.
Runtime: 109 min.
U.S. 1992. Social drama from Joan Micklin Silver with Sissy Spacek, Aidan Quinn, Estelle Parsons. In the 1960s, a couple decide to have an abortion after finding out that their baby was likely to be born crippled.
U.S. 1991. Psychological drama from Tim Hunter with Aidan Quinn, Isabella Rossellini, Iman. A young model has a double affair with twin brothers who are physically identical but have opposite temperaments.
Runtime: 93 min.
U.S. 1991. Social drama from Hector Babenco with Tom Berenger, Aidan Quinn, John Lithgow. Two Protestant pastors and their wives settle near a village in the Amazon where an American mercenary shares the life of the natives.
Runtime: 187 min.
U.S. 1990. Science-fiction from Volker Schlondorff with Natasha Richardson, Faye Dunaway, Aidan Quinn. In a totalitarian future society, a young woman is selected by the authorities to become a surrogate mother.
Runtime: 108 min.
U.S. 1990. Chronicle from Barry Levinson with Armin Mueller-Stahl, Aidan Quinn, Elijah Wood. Documentary about the life of a group of Polish immigrants who came to settle in Baltimore during the first half of the 20th century.
Runtime: 126 min.
U.S. 1989. Crime drama from Robert Mandel with Brian Dennehy, Aidan Quinn, Stockard Channing. A restaurant owner witnesses a murder and agrees to cooperate with the police, until the day the criminals get their hands on his son.
Runtime: 102 min.
G.-B. 1988. Adventures from Caleb Deschanel with Aidan Quinn, Ade Sapara, Hepburn Graham. Through great ingenuity, a castaway manages to survive on a deserted island.
Runtime: 95 min.
U.S. 1987. Crime drama from John Badham with Forest Whitaker, Richard Dreyfuss, Madeleine Stowe. Two police officers are assigned to watch the house of the former mistress of a dangerous criminal who has just escaped.
Runtime: 113 min.
G.-B. 1986. History from Roland Joffé with Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons, Ray McAnally. In the 18th century in South America, Jesuits who founded missions to protect the natives from slavers are ordered to abandon their work.
Runtime: 125 min.
U.S. 1986. Social drama from Jack O'Brien with James Whitmore, Michael Learned, Aidan Quinn. The family tribulations of a man who is accused of selling defective equipment to the military.
U.S. 1985. Satire from Susan Seidelman with Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, Aidan Quinn. Unexpected incidents lead a bourgeois wife into the capricious life of a young bohemian.
Runtime: 103 min.
U.S. 1985. Mores drama from John Erman with Gena Rowlands, Ben Gazzara, Aidan Quinn. The struggles of a middle-aged couple whose son is diagnosed with AIDS.
Runtime: 100 min.
U.S. 1984. Social drama from James Foley with Aidan Quinn, Daryl Hannah, Kenneth McMillan. A rebellious teenager, the son of an alcoholic labourer, falls in love with a young girl from a wealthy background.
Runtime: 93 min.

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