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Anthony Therrien

Anthony Therrien

Can. 2022. Sentimental drama by Charlotte Le Bon with Joseph Engel, Sara Montpetit, Anthony Therrien. On vacation in Quebec, a French teenager experiences his first love with the daughter of a friend of his mother.
Runtime: 100 min.

The Marina

V.O.: La Marina
Can. 2020. Dramatic comedy by Étienne Galloy, Christophe Levac with Rémi Goulet, Rose-Marie Perreault, Madani Tall. After being sidelined from competition due to injury, a champion windsurfer develops a complicated romance with a colleague at the marina where he was hired.
Runtime: 81 min.

Charlotte Has Fun

V.O.: Charlotte a du fun
Can. 2018. Dramatic comedy by Sophie Lorain with Marguerite Bouchard, Romane Denis, Rose Adam. Humiliated by the boys she works with, an outspoken teenage girl leads her female colleagues on a sex strike.
Runtime: 89 min.

Fake Tattoos

V.O.: Les Faux Tatouages
Can. 2017. Sentimental drama by Pascal Plante with Anthony Therrien, Rose-Marie Perreault, Lysandre Nadeau. As he prepares to leave Montreal, a lonely boy with a bad attitude begins a romance with a girl unafraid of being herself.
Runtime: 87 min.
Can. 2016. Psychological drama by Yan England with Antoine Olivier Pilon, Lou-Pascal Tremblay, Sophie Nélisse. A bullied teenager decides to beat his main opponent on his own turf, by joining their school
Runtime: 105 min.
Suis. 2016. Drama by Fulvio Bernasconi with Jonathan Zaccaï, Marco Collin, Charlie Arcouette. In Abitibi, a troubled Swiss police officer goes in search of the truck driver who fatally hit a young Indigenous cyclist.
Runtime: 90 min.
Can. 2014. History by Mathieu L. Denis with Anthony Therrien, Karelle Tremblay, Tony Nardi. In 1966, the son of an Italian from Town of Mount Royal joins the Front de lib
Runtime: 119 min.
Can. 2012. Drama by Simon Lavoie with Victor Andrés Trelles Turgeon, Dominique Quesnel, Laurence Leboeuf. In rural Quebec in the 1920s, a young man deafened by an argument with his abusive mother begins a relationship with a Native woman bought from a peddler.
Runtime: 153 min.

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