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Rose-Marie Perreault

Rose-Marie Perreault

Quebec actress
Can. 2024. Drama by Renée Beaulieu with François Papineau, Antoine Desrochers, Emie Thériault. Over a ten-year period, in the same house, three siblings, their parents and their paternal grandmother witness a succession of births, departures, returns, separations and deaths.
Sortie prévue en June 2024
Can. 2024. Horror by Chloé Cinq-Mars with Rose-Marie Perreault, Simon Landry-Désy. Haunted by the horrific death of her sister, a young insomniac mother sinks into postpartum depression.


V.O.: La Cordonnière
Can. 2022. Drama by François Bouvier with Rose-Marie Perreault, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Nicolas Fontaine. At the end of her life, the woman who made the Dufresne family fortune tells her son about the tumultuous relationship she once had with her father-in-law, before marrying his son.
Runtime: 104 min.

Dusk for a Hitman

V.O.: Crépuscule pour un tueur
Can. 2022. Mores drama by Raymond St-Jean with Éric Bruneau, Benoît Gouin, Rose-Marie Perreault. In the late 1970s, the most feared hitman in the Montreal underworld, Donald Lavoie, found himself hunted down by his former accomplices and by a tenacious police officer.
Runtime: 105 min.

A Revision

V.O.: Une Révision
Can. 2021. Drama by Catherine Therrien with Patrice Robitaille, Nour Belkhiria, Rose-Marie Perreault. A philosophy professor has a run-in with a student who is challenging the low grade she received for an assignment in which she quoted the Quran.
Runtime: 95 min.
Can. 2020. Chronicle by Jean-Carl Boucher with Pier-Luc Funk, Antoine Desrochers, Simon Pigeon. The sentimental and professional experiences of five childhood friends with different personalities.
Runtime: 92 min.
Can. 2020. Drama by Daniel Roby with Antoine Olivier Pilon, Josh Hartnett, Stephen McHattie. In 1989, a Globe and Mail reporter sets out to prove that a young Quebec drug addict, detained in Thailand for drug trafficking, had been framed by RCMP officers.
Runtime: 135 min.

The Marina

V.O.: La Marina
Can. 2020. Dramatic comedy by Étienne Galloy, Christophe Levac with Rémi Goulet, Rose-Marie Perreault, Madani Tall. After being sidelined from competition due to injury, a champion windsurfer develops a complicated romance with a colleague at the marina where he was hired.
Runtime: 81 min.
Can. 2019. Drama by Micheline Lanctôt with Laurent Lucas, Rose-Marie Perreault, Gabrielle Lazure. While in Montreal for a conference, a Spinoza scholar sees his life turned upside down after giving in to the advances of a student who had challenged herself to seduce him.
Runtime: 118 min.
Can. 2019. Drama by Éric Morin with Monia Chokri, Patrick Hivon, Emmanuel Schwartz. Ten years after a mining accident that took her parents’ lives, a bassist on tour in Europe briefly returns to her Abitibi town, where she reconnects with her old band.
Runtime: 100 min.
Can. 2018. Biography by François Bouvier with Debbie Lynch-White, Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Rose-Marie Perreault. In the 1920s and 1930s in Montreal, the career and family life of Mary Travers, author and performer of songs about the working class, unflods.
Runtime: 103 min.

When Love Digs a Hole

V.O.: Quand l'amour se creuse un trou
Can. 2018. Sentimental drama by Ara Ball with Robert Naylor, France Castel, Patrice Robitaille. While studying in eleventh grade under his mother's supervision, a rebellious teenager falls madly in love with his 70-year old neighbor.
Runtime: 89 min.

Before We Explode

V.O.: Avant qu'on explose
Can. 2018. Fantasy comedy by Rémi St-Michel with Étienne Galloy, Will Murphy, Madani Tall. Convinced of the imminence of a nuclear war, a teenager from Baie-St-Paul tries to lose his virginity by any means necessary.
Runtime: 109 min.

Fake Tattoos

V.O.: Les Faux Tatouages
Can. 2017. Sentimental drama by Pascal Plante with Anthony Therrien, Rose-Marie Perreault, Lysandre Nadeau. As he prepares to leave Montreal, a lonely boy with a bad attitude begins a romance with a girl unafraid of being herself.
Runtime: 87 min.

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