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Raymond Bouchard

Raymond Bouchard

Canadian actor
March 7, 1945 (79 years old)
Can. 2016. Thriller by Alain DesRochers with Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Antoine Desrochers, Madeleine Péloquin. Imprisoned for eight years for manslaughter, a widowed labourer escapes to save his teenage son, who has been recruited by his old enemy
Runtime: 96 min.

Death Dive

V.O.: Le Scaphandrier
Can. 2015. Horror by Alain Vézina with Édith Côté-Demers, Alexandre Landry, Raymond Bouchard. In a small Gaspesian town, a young journalist investigates a series of murders that could be linked to the sinking of a ship in the 1930s.
Runtime: 78 min.

Summer Crisis

V.O.: La Maison du pêcheur
Can. 2013. History by Alain Chartrand with Mikhail Ahooja, Vincent-Guillaume Otis, Benoît Langlais. In the summer of 1969 in Perc
Runtime: 97 min.
Fr. 2013. Comedy by Pierre-François Martin-Laval with Pierre-François Martin-Laval, Christian Clavier, Isabelle Nanty. Faced with the catastrophic rate of failure in a French high school, a civil servant undertakes to fight fire with fire by calling on the worst teachers in the country.
Runtime: 95 min.
Can. 2011. Mores drama by Daniel Roby with Patrick Huard, Justin Chatwin, Paul Doucet. From 1976 to 1980, while Montreal is vibrating to the rhythm of disco, seven men and women from different backgrounds try to make the most of this trend.
Runtime: 133 min.

Noémie - The Secret

V.O.: Noémie - Le Secret
Can. 2008. Dramatic comedy by Frédérik D'Amours with Camille Felton, Rita Lafontaine, Nicolas Laliberté. A little girl with a vivid imagination sets out to find a treasure, which was hidden in her babysitter's apartment by her late husband.
Runtime: 105 min.
Can. 2007. Thriller by Alain DesRochers with Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Lucie Laurier, Martin Matte. A former car thief embarks on a crazy journey to find a new heart for his dying wife.
Runtime: 107 min.
Can. 2007. Comedy by Marc-André Lavoie, Simon Olivier Fecteau with Emmanuel Bilodeau, Isabelle Blais, Raymond Bouchard. Over a period of fifteen years, a glimpse into the lives of the successive inhabitants of an apartment that is about to be demolished.
Runtime: 90 min.
Can. 2005. Dramatic comedy by Sébastien Rose with Raymond Bouchard, Paul Ahmarani, David La Haye. A famous writer who has developed health problems returns to his two sons who have very different personalities.
Runtime: 110 min.

Seducing Doctor Lewis

V.O.: La Grande Séduction
Can. 2003. Dramatic comedy by Jean-François Pouliot with Raymond Bouchard, David Boutin, Pierre Collin. The inhabitants of an isolated village organize a giant scam to convince a doctor to settle in their village.
Runtime: 110 minute
Can. 1999. Mores comedy by Pierre Greco with Marie-Joanne Boucher, Martin Laroche, Geneviève Bilodeau. Living together, two sisters and their brother complicate their lives by believing they are the target of a serial killer.
Runtime: 90 min.

The Revenge of the Woman in Black

V.O.: La Vengeance de la femme en noir
Can. 1997. Fantasy comedy by Roger Cantin with Germain Houde, Marc Labrèche, Raymond Bouchard.
Runtime: 107 min.

Ding & Dong

V.O.: Ding et Dong, le film
Can. 1990. Comedy by Alain Chartrand with Serge Thériault, Claude Meunier, Raymond Bouchard. Two mischievous actors inherit a large sum of money with which they set out to open a theatre to perform a classic by Corneille.
Runtime: 96 min.
Can. 1989. Social drama by Marie Laberge, Mireille Goulet with Denise Gagnon, Raymond Bouchard, Martin Drainville. The experiences of a volunteer in a clinic for terminally ill patients.
Can. 1971. Psychological drama by Jean Beaudin with Raymond Bouchard, Danielle Naud, Marie Tifo. Through his aggressiveness and self-centeredness, a race car driver alienates the affection of his wife.
Runtime: 80 min.

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