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Jean-Philippe Duval

Jean-Philippe Duval

Canadian director and scriptwriter
January 1, 1968 (56 years old)

14 jours, 12 nuits

V.O.: 14 jours 12 nuits
Can. 2019. Psychological drama by Jean-Philippe Duval with Anne Dorval, Leanna Chea, Ngoc Thoa. Concealing her true identity, a Quebec oceanographer meets in Vietnam the biological mother of the child she and her husband adopted 17 years earlier.
Runtime: 99 min.
Can. 2016. Sketches by Éric Tessier, Stéphane E. Roy, Luc Picard, Ricardo Trogi, Jean-Philippe Duval, Micheline Lanctôt, Érik Canuel, Claude Brie, Marc Labrèche with Stéphane E. Roy, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Christian Bégin. The topics discussed in the lecture of a so-called communications expert are illustrated by nine stories, each featuring a member of his audience.
Runtime: 98 min.

Wild Run : The Legend

V.O.: Chasse-Galerie : La légende
Can. 2015. Fantasy by Jean-Philippe Duval with Francis Ducharme, Caroline Dhavernas, Vincent-Guillaume Otis. In the 19th century, the relationship between a lumberjack and a seamstress is compromised by the latter
Runtime: 109 min.
Can. 2009. Biography by Jean-Philippe Duval with Sébastien Ricard, Joseph Mesiano, Dimitri Storoge. Highlights of the life and career of Andr
Runtime: 140 min.
Can. 1999. Police comedy by Jean-Philippe Duval with Alexis Martin, Pierre Lebeau, Guylaine Tremblay. A young intellectual with high philosophical principles gets caught up in a rivalry between gangsters.
Runtime: 101 min.
Can. 1993. Dramatic comedy by Jean-Philippe Duval with Pascale Montpetit, Dominic Darceuil, Rita Lafontaine. A young outsider in her thirties is confronted by a teenager who sees the exotic spirit of the 1970s in her.

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