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Marc Labrèche

Marc Labrèche

Canadian actor
November 20, 1960 (62 years old)

Toopy and Binoo The Movie

V.O.: Toupie et Binou: Le film
Can. 2022. Animation by Dominique Jolin, Raymond Lebrun. The joyful adventures of an optimistic and impulsive mouse and a little white stuffed cat who thinks before he acts.
Runtime: 84 min.

Felix and the Treasure of Morgäa

V.O.: Félix et le trésor de Morgäa
Can. 2021. Animation by Nicola Lemay. A boy sets out to find his father who disappeared at sea two years earlier while trying to find a legendary treasure on a remote island.
Runtime: 84 min.
Can. 2016. Sketches by Éric Tessier, Stéphane E. Roy, Luc Picard, Ricardo Trogi, Jean-Philippe Duval, Micheline Lanctôt, Érik Canuel, Claude Brie, Marc Labrèche with Stéphane E. Roy, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Christian Bégin. The topics discussed in the lecture of a so-called communications expert are illustrated by nine stories, each featuring a member of his audience.
Runtime: 98 min.
Can. 2015. Psychological drama by Maryanne Zéhil with Arsinée Khanjian, Raia Haidar, Béatrice Moukhaiber. The parallel destinies of a Lebanese woman depending on whether or not she managed to immigrate to Canada in November 1974.
Runtime: 79 min.
Can. 2012. Psychological drama by Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais with Thomas Haden Church, Marc Labrèche, Vincent Hoss-Desmarais. After accidentally killing a man with his snow plow, a Quebecois of Texan origin hides in the woods, where he recalls the circumstances of his encounter with his victim.
Runtime: 91 min.

Child Prodigy

V.O.: L'Enfant prodige
Can. 2010. Biography by Luc Dionne with Patrick Drolet, Macha Grenon, Marc Labrèche. The life and career of Andr
Runtime: 100 min.

Days of Darkness

V.O.: L'Âge des ténèbres
Can. 2007. Dramatic comedy by Denys Arcand with Marc Labrèche, Diane Kruger, Sylvie Léonard. A disillusioned and unmarried civil servant escapes his boring life by taking refuge in fantasies of glory and feminine conquests.
Runtime: 110 min.

The United States of Albert

V.O.: Les États-Unis d'Albert
Can. 2005. Fantasy comedy by André Forcier with Éric Bruneau, Émilie Dequenne, Roy Dupuis. In 1926, a young actor who left Montreal to try his luck in Hollywood meets a charming Mormon woman.
Runtime: 91 min.

Machine Gun Molly

V.O.: Monica la mitraille
Can. 2004. Biography by Pierre Houle with Céline Bonnier, Frank Schorpion, Patrick Huard. In the 1960s, in Montreal, the story of a notorious criminal nicknamed Machine Gun Molly.
Runtime: 125 min.

Alice's Odyssey

V.O.: L'Odyssée d'Alice Tremblay
Can. 2002. Fantasy comedy by Denise Filiatrault with Sophie Lorain, Martin Drainville, Pierrette Robitaille. A young single mother is magically projected into a fantasy world where she meets characters from famous fairy tales.

The Revenge of the Woman in Black

V.O.: La Vengeance de la femme en noir
Can. 1997. Fantasy comedy by Roger Cantin with Germain Houde, Marc Labrèche, Raymond Bouchard.
Runtime: 107 min.

Matusalem II : The Last of the Beauchesne

V.O.: Matusalem II - Le Dernier des Beauchesne
Runtime: 99 min.
Can. 1993. Fantasy comedy by Roger Cantin with Marc Labrèche, Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Jod Léveillé-Bernard. A young boy helps a ghost who is trying to retrieve a scroll that pirates are also after.
Runtime: 112 min.
Can. 1992. Satire by Roger Cantin with Marc Labrèche, Raymond Cloutier, Gérard Poirier. Promoted to department head, an office worker is criticized for not working overtime.
Runtime: 85 min.

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