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Normand D'Amour

Normand D'Amour

Quebec actor
September 22, 1962 (61 years old)
Can. 2022. Thriller by Philippe Cormier with Normand D'Amour, Jean-Pierre Bergeron, Lysandre Nadeau. A man with mental health issues has a relationship with a woman he meets at a bar, while having regular dates with a prostitute.
Runtime: 96 min.

Goddess of the Fireflies

V.O.: La Déesse des mouches à feu
Can. 2019. Drama by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette with Kelly Depeault, Caroline Néron, Normand D'Amour. While her parents are in the middle of a divorce, a shy teenage girl falls in with the delinquents at her high school and gets a taste of fool’s paradise.
Runtime: 105 min.

Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin

V.O.: Les Salopes ou le sucre naturel de la peau
Can. 2018. Mores drama by Renée Beaulieu with Brigitte Poupart, Vincent Leclerc, Nathalie Cavezzali. A university professor and happily married mother participates in a research project on the physiological reaction of the cells of the human body during sex.
Runtime: 97 min.
Can. 2017. Thriller by Patrick Demers with François Arnaud, Normand D'Amour, Nobuya Shimamoto. Learning that the time line is flexible, a Montrealer seeks to return to the past in order to prevent the tragic incident that broke up his family.
Runtime: 99 min.


V.O.: Le Garagiste
Can. 2015. Drama by Renée Beaulieu with Normand D'Amour, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Nathalie Cavezzali. Weakened by his dialysis sessions, a proud and silent garage owner from Trois-Pistoles decides to follow his wife
Runtime: 87 min.

Real Lies

V.O.: Le Vrai du faux
Can. 2014. Comedy by Émile Gaudreault with Stéphane Rousseau, Mathieu Quesnel, Julie Le Breton. Out of a guilty conscience, an action film director decides to make a documentary about an Afghanistan veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
Runtime: 100 min.
Can. 2013. Drama by Jimmy Larouche with Marc Béland, Patrick Goyette, Loeik Bernier. An alcoholic and violent father going through divorce proceedings keeps the classmate who once bullied him trapped in a barn.
Runtime: 80 min.

Fear of Water

V.O.: La Peur de l'eau
Can. 2011. Crime drama by Gabriel Pelletier with Pierre-François Legendre, Brigitte Pogonat, Normand D'Amour. Skeptical of the conclusions of a Montreal detective, a sergeant of the S
Runtime: 122 min.
Can. 2011. Thriller by Guy Sprung with Sarah Hansen, Matthew Raudsepp, Vanessa Matsui. During a canoe-camping trip, five Montreal teenagers discover that they are in possession of a bag full of cocaine.
Runtime: 93 min.
Fr. 2011. Psychological drama by Claude Miller with Marina Hands, James Thierrée, Maya Sansa. While making a film about the Trans-Canada train, a French videographer meets the Aboriginal doctor for whom her late artist husband had left her.
Runtime: 98 min.

Piché: The Landing of a Man

V.O.: Piché - Entre ciel et terre
Can. 2010. Biography by Sylvain Archambault with Michel Côté, Maxime LeFlaguais, Sophie Prégent. After an emergency landing making him a media star, an alcoholic airplane pilot enters rehab to battle the demons of his past.
Runtime: 107 min.
Can. 2009. Horror by Éric Tessier with Marc-André Grondin, Normand D'Amour, Sonia Vachon. Because of an indiscretion, a film student is sequestered by a vigilante cab driver, who puts individuals of questionable character to death.
Runtime: 110 min.
Can. 2009. Mores drama by Joel Gauthier with Joel Gauthier, Normand D'Amour, Mathieu Dufresne. Just as he thinks about changing his life, a young man
Runtime: 82 min.

Everything Is Fine

V.O.: Tout est parfait
Can. 2007. Psychological drama by Yves Christian Fournier with Maxime Dumontier, Chloé Bourgeois, Normand D'Amour. Not dilvulging any details as to why four of his friends made a suicide pact, a 16-year-old boy retreats into himself.
Runtime: 117 min.
Can. 2006. Dramatic comedy by Patrice Sauvé with Patrice Robitaille, François Létourneau, Anik Lemay. An escort agency is the scene of various incidents involving depressed and untruthful people.
Runtime: 102 min.

May God Bless America

V.O.: Que Dieu bénisse l'Amérique
Can. 2005. Dramatic comedy by Robert Morin with Gildor Roy, Sylvain Marcel, Sylvie Léonard. On September 11, 2001, a pedophile threatened by a serial killer has various encounters with his suburban neighbors to whom he had never spoken.
Runtime: 110 min.

Happy Camper

V.O.: Camping sauvage
Can. 2004. Comedy by Guy A. Lepage, Sylvain Roy with Guy A. Lepage, Sylvie Moreau, Normand D'Amour. Witness to a crime, a snobby investment broker must hide out in a campground run by a young woman with an exuberant temperament.
Runtime: 101 min.

Evil Words

V.O.: Sur le seuil
Can. 2003. Fantasy by Éric Tessier with Michel Côté, Patrick Huard, Catherine Florent. A disillusioned psychiatrist must deal with a suicidal writer whose horror novels seem to foreshadow gruesome events.
Runtime: 99 min.
Can. 1991. Mores drama by Richard Martin with Yvan Ponton, Robert Brouillette, Normand D'Amour. A sports journalist is shocked to discover that his son is having a homosexual affair.

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