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About us

WHERE2WATCH.CA allows its users to find the feature-length documentaries and fiction films they are looking for, across all of the windows available in Canada: in theatres, through video on-demand, on streaming platforms and on linear television. From the great classics of cinema to the most psychotronic B-movies in history, where2watch.ca covers all genres, nationalities and categories.

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In the beginning


where2watch.ca also provides access to the ever-changing heritage of Mediafilm, a non-profit organization founded in 1955. Free from any outside influence, and therefore 100% independent, Mediafilm currently maintains a database of more than 80,000 feature film files, over 7000 of which consist of Canadian productions. It is the largest resource of its kind in North America.


Connected services


In addition to movie theaters and television channels, where2watch.ca references feature films available on these platforms.

Making where2watch your own


where2watch.ca also allows media outlets and bloggers to use the search tool. How? Simply by integrating one of the three where2watch plugin types, made available for free here where2watch.ca/en/plugins.


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