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Can. 2022. Documentary by Rob Freeman. In the 1990s in Toronto, the store Play de Record became the reference for electronic music and hip hop fans.
Runtime: 113 min.
U.S. 2022. Fantasy comedy by Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert with Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu. Overwhelmed by her tax problems, a laundry room owner learns that she must save the world by exploring the lives she might have lived in parallel universes.
Runtime: 132 min.
U.S. 1993. Biography by Brian Gibson with Angela Bassett, Laurence Fishburne, Vanessa Bell Calloway. Recalling the private life and career of singer Anna Mae, alias Tina Turner, marked by her toxic relationship with her husband Ike Turner, an abusive and dominating artist.
Runtime: 117 min.
U.S. 2018. Sentimental drama by James Foley with Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Eric Johnson. After her marriage to a billionaire with controlling impulses, a young publisher is threatened by her stalker ex-boss, who also has an old score to settle with her husband.
Runtime: 106 min.

Romeo and Juliet

V.O.: Roméo et Juliette
Can. 2006. Sentimental drama by Yves Desgagnés with Thomas Lalonde, Charlotte Aubin, Jeanne Moreau. In modern-day Quebec, the love story of a judge's daughter and a gangster's son comes to a tragic end.
Runtime: 151 min.
U.S. 1993. Fantasy comedy by Harold Ramis with Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott. A disillusioned meteorologist, covering Groundhog Day in the small town of Punxsatawney, relives the same day in a thousand different ways.
Runtime: 103 min.
G.-B. 2021. War drama by Eli King with Denise Black, Gabriel Cartade, Ray Fearon. After losing his mother during the civil war in Iraq, a boy is inspired by the trials of Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, to find the strength to survive.
Runtime: 141 min
U.S. 2023. Thriller by Chad Stahelski with Keanu Reeves, Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgard. Excommunicated by the hierarchy of the Big Table, hitman John Wick can only redeem himself by confronting the man who sent assassins after him, from New York to Paris.
Runtime: 169 min.
U.S. 2021. Documentary by Daniel Lindsay, T.J. Martin. Born into poverty, Tina Turner endured 16 years of abuse at the hands of her husband before breaking free from him and becoming one of the world’s biggest music stars.
Runtime: 118 min.
Can. 2021. Drama by Sébastien Pilote with Sara Montpetit, Sébastien Ricard, Hélène Florent. At the beginning of the 20th century, in the Lac Saint-Jean region, the daughter of a settler is courted by three men with very different personalities.
Runtime: 159 min.
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