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Les meilleurs films gagnants aux Césars de tous les temps

The Last Metro

V.O.: Le Dernier Métro
Runtime: 131 min.
Fr. 1990. Dramatic comedy by Jean-Paul Rappeneau with Gérard Depardieu, Anne Brochet, Vincent Pérez. A soldier who is also a poet and has a prominent nose helps a young nobleman win the heart of his cousin, with whom he himself is secretly in love.
Runtime: 138 min.

A Prophet

V.O.: Un Prophète
Fr. 2009. Mores drama by Jacques Audiard with Tahar Rahim, Niels Arestrup, Adel Bencherif. Forced by the leader of Corsican prisoners to kill a snitch, a young, illiterate Arab prisoner with no family is admitted to the latter's gang.
Runtime: 155 min.
Fr. 1987. Drama by Louis Malle with Gaspard Manesse, Raphaël Fejto, Philippe Morier-Genoud. In 1943, a student attending a religious boarding school befriends a Jewish classmate who is registered under a false name to hide him from German authorites.
Runtime: 104 min.

All the Mornings of the World

V.O.: Tous les matins du monde
Fr. 1991. Drama by Alain Corneau with Jean-Pierre Marielle, Anne Brochet, Gérard Depardieu. A viola virtuoso living in seclusion with his two daughters finds it difficult to accept the presence of a young student.
Runtime: 114 min.

Bye Bye Morons

V.O.: Adieu les cons
Fr. 2020. Dramatic comedy by Albert Dupontel with Albert Dupontel, Virginie Efira, Nicolas Marié. A terminally ill hairdresser and a suicidal programmer join forces to find the child that the former had given up for adoption at the age of 15.
Runtime: 87 min.
Fr. 2021. Drama by Xavier Giannoli with Benjamin Voisin, Cécile de France, Vincent Lacoste. In Paris, during the Restoration, an ambitious provincial poet becomes a formidable cultural journalist, courted by both liberal and royalist circles.
Runtime: 150 min.
Fr. 2011. Dramatic comedy by Michel Hazanavicius with Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo, John Goodman. When talking pictures first come out, a very popular silent film actor is forgotten while one of his fans who has become an actress becomes famous.
Runtime: 100 min.

BPM - Beats Per Minute

V.O.: 120 Battements par minute
Fr. 2017. Social drama by Robin Campillo with Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Arnaud Valois, Adèle Haenel. In 1990, a 26-year-old gay man joins the Paris branch of the AIDS movement ACT UP, where he falls in love with one of the group’s most radical members.
Runtime: 140 min.
Fr. 2012. Drama by Michael Haneke with Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva, Isabelle Huppert. Paralyzed on her right side after a failed operation, a former piano teacher is cared for at home by her husband, who is in his 80s.
Runtime: 127 min.
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