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Tales for All

Can. 2023. Dramatic comedy from Sébastien Gagné with Oscar Desgagnés, Joey Bélanger, Benoît Brière. A Montreal boy moves with his father to the country, where he starts a small organic egg business with a cousin and an ex-butcher with a taste for the bottle.
Runtime: 89 min.

Outlaw League

V.O.: La Gang des hors-la-loi
Can. 2014. Comedy from Jean Beaudry with André Kasper, Guy Thauvette, Charles Gillespie. With his baseball field turned into a municipal dump, a boy on vacation from school organizes a retaliation to convince the mayor to reverse her decision.
Runtime: 90 min.

The Hidden Fortress

V.O.: La Forteresse suspendue
Can. 2001. Comedy from Roger Cantin with Matthew Dupuis, Roxane Gaudette-Loiseau, Jérôme Leclerc-Couture. Children wage war against a rival gang defending an enormous tree house.
Runtime: 95 min.

The Clean Machine

V.O.: Tirelire, combines & cie
Can. 1992. Comedy from Jean Beaudry with Vincent Bolduc, Pierre-Luc Brillant, Delphine Piperni. Believing his father to be in financial trouble, a boy decides to go into business with a friend.
Runtime: 89 min.

Reach for the Sky

V.O.: La Championne
Can. 1991. Sports drama from Elisabeta Bostan with Izabela Moldovan, Mircea Diaconu, Carmen Galin. The efforts of a young gymnast training to compete in the Olympics.
Runtime: 93 min.

The Case of the Witch Who Wasn't

V.O.: Pas de répit pour Mélanie
Can. 1990. Dramatic comedy from Jean Beaudry with Marie-Stéphane Gaudry, Kesnamelly Neff, Vincent Bolduc. While reading the book ""The Little Prince,"" a little girl tries to befriend an old lady who has been a recluse in her house since her husband died.
Runtime: 95 min.

Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller

V.O.: Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler
Can. 1988. Fantasy comedy from Michael Rubbo with Lucas Evans, Anthony Rogers, Jill Stanley. Two children, miniaturized thanks to a magic formula, travel to Australia on a stamp to find an exceptional philatelic collection.
Runtime: 102 min.

Tadpole and the Whale

V.O.: La Grenouille et la baleine
Can. 1988. Dramatic comedy from Jean-Claude Lord with Fanny Lauzier, Denis Forest, Marina Orsini. A young couple help a little girl who has a special affinity with marine life to fight against potential developers.
Runtime: 91 min.

The Young Magician

V.O.: Cudowne Dziecko
Can. 1986. Fantasy comedy from Waldemar Dziki with Rusty Jedwab, Edward Garson, Natasza Maraszek. A young boy discovers that he possesses a telekinetic power that he can't control
Runtime: 99 min.

Bach and Broccoli

V.O.: Bach et Bottine
Can. 1986. Dramatic comedy from André Melançon with Mahée Paiement, Raymond Legault, Andrée Pelletier. An orphaned girl whose custody was entrusted to an egotistical, old-fashioned uncle tries to win him over.
Runtime: 95 min.
Can. 1985. Fantasy comedy from Michael Rubbo with Mathew Mackay, Siluk Saysanasy, Alison Podbrey. After suffering a great scare, a young boy loses and then regains his hair under fantastical conditions.
Runtime: 93 min.

The Dog Who Stopped the War

V.O.: La Guerre des tuques
Can. 1984. Dramatic comedy from André Melançon with Cédric Plourde, Julien Élie, Maripierre Arseneau-D'Amour. During winter vacation, young people play a game of war.
Runtime: 88 min.
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